Why is Paranormal Investigating So Hard?

Episode #46

Why is Paranormal Investigating So Hard?

Paranormal investigating is much harder than the paranormal reality show portrays.  No matter how good or lucky you are, you won't get a large amount of evidence in an hour.  It takes time and a whole lot of patience to spend time in a location known for its paranormal activity.  This episode is all about why it is a tough hobby.

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Why is Paranormal Investigating So Hard? Episode Transcription

what is going on everybody welcome to

another episode of ghosts in the night a

Haunting and paranormal podcast I'm Phil

Sams thank you so much for joining me

today for this episode I greatly

appreciate it

today we're going to discuss why

paranormal investigating is so damn hard

it's not easy work not everybody is cut

out for it and that is exactly what I

want to talk about in today's episode so

let's get started

paranormal investigating isn't what you

see on these paranormal reality shows

and that is exactly what they are

they're just reality television they are

designed to entertain you they're not

necessarily focused on proving the

existence of spirits or aliens or

they're designed to keep your

attention and keep you coming back each

and every week and it's much different

when you actually become a paranormal

investigator and go out and do these

things um like I said in the intro not

everybody is cut out to be a paranormal

investigator it takes a certain mindset

in what has arisen from all these

reality shows is a fan base that has I

don't know how can I say this kind of

clouded the pool of paranormal

investigators they're so gung-ho and so

paranormal or let's use let's talk about

spirits and ghosts in that realm since

that's a majority of what you see out

there there so ghost pro ghost it makes

it difficult to be rational to be

open-minded to be scientific and

understanding of what is going on when

you experience these types of activity

you can't be a 100% gung ho true

believer and be a paranormal

investigator because

as we've talked about confirmation bias

um there's all other kinds of things

that goes on in our mind that play in it

to have an effect on us while we're

investigating and you have to be

conscious of those things you have to be

aware that your mind is going to look

for something your mind is doesn't like

to fill up it doesn't like blanks that

wants to fill in the blanks that wants

to have an understanding and paranormal

investigating by its nature is full of

questioned full of like full of those

blank spots in so your mind wants to

fill in like I talked about just like I

mentioned just a matter of confirmation

bias if you go in looking for ghosts

odds are you're going to find it and I

don't think you can approach a

paranormal investigation that way or

especially I hate to use the term ghost

hunt because that's really there is a

definite difference between a ghost hunt

and a paranormal investigation a ghost

hunt you're going looking for ghosts

paranormal investigation you're going to

look for answers to those questions that

we don't even really know the question

so that's what makes paranormal

investigators so damn hard but when you

go in looking for ghosts you're gonna

have an experience most likely because

that is what your brain once that is

what you're craving and that is kind of

what these shows have produced over the

last 10 years or so is people looking

for ghosts and having these experiences

that might not truly be paranormal

experiences from my estimation of from

my experience I guess 95 to 99 percent

of paranormal experiences are not truly

paranormal there is some kind of

rational explanations something caused

that to happen and our brain interprets

it a certain way we might not truly

understand the physics or what is the

reasoning behind

that activity so we lump it into

paranormal and paranormal experiences or

paranormal evidence is just like it's a

catch-all term just because something is

paranormal does not automatically make

it a ghost or a spirit or the dead

trying to interact with us it's like the

term UFO UFO means 

unidentified flying object but in the

media when you has conditioned us when

we hear the term UFO we ought to

automatically think of little green men

from outer space that's not the case

this means unidentified flying object it

means we just don't know what it is it

doesn't mean it's from a galaxy far far

away no it just means we don't know what

it is

same thing with paranormal we don't

truly understand what is causing these

situations or causing this experience or

causing that noise or causing that EVP

so it's paranormal but it doesn't

necessarily mean it is a spirit reaching

out from the afterlife and that is why

it's so hard in in today's world it

seems like with every EVP you get or

every knock or every creak or every bang

that you hear on the wall they

automatically want to attribute it to a

ghost that's not always the case you

have to do due diligence when you

experience that activity and try to

figure out what caused that activity now

if you try to replicate it you can't do

it okay it's interesting and kind of

moves into the paranormal you can't

explain it we can't explain that what

caused that particular situation of that

particular piece of evidence or that

happening so it moves to the paranormal

but that doesn't mean it's a ghost or a

spirit that just means we don't

understand it we don't have a rational

explanation for it you have to move on

and go further and take the whole

investigation or all the experiences

into account and form an opinion and

let's be honest it's an opinion there is

no 100% guarantee that

there is an afterlife you know nobody

has proven it there's only one I've said

this before there's only one way to know

and once you figure it once you've hit

that point where you find out you're not

probably going to be able to tell you

about so that is what makes paranormal

investigating so hard at time so we we

don't know we're trying to solve a

problem we don't even know the equation

we only have bits and pieces of the

puzzle we're trying to solve put this

puzzle together and we have a vague idea

of what's going on but we don't have the

full picture in view we don't have the

box with the picture of the puzzle no we

have a fuzzy little concept or idea and

we're trying to fit these pieces

together that doesn't mean someday it

won't be a clear picture I personally

from what's been going on in the news

lately with scientific breakthroughs and

scientific theories

I think paranormal and science is

moving closer together though there are

some people that will argue that and say

things like quantum physics of quantum

physics disproved paranormal

investigation but if you look at what's

going on at a subatomic level that's

some paranormal shit

it's shit we can't even fathom so I

think it's moving closer together in I'm

going to devote no future episodes to

kind of that concept of how um I think

science is kind of moving closer

together but that's for a later date now

another reason why paranormal

investigating is so damn hard is these

shows and I'm always harkening back to

these shows have made paranormal

equipment so important I'm a strong

supporter I'm a supporter of using

equipment to help document evidence but

it's not the end-all be-all I personally

think we are the best paranormal piece

of equipment out there we are loaded

with sensors we our body reacts to the

environment so we need to know ourselves

and use that more so than an EMF meter

or a Mel meter or a k2 meter or

you know a thermometer you know a digital

readout thermometer that measures

temperature humidity I mean all this

stuff is important but it's not the

end-all be-all I personally think things

like EMF meter's in other devices like

that are really should be used to rule

out known reasons or known causes of

Paranormal like EMF we all know that EMF

has an effect on us sound waves have an

effect on us so we need things to

document and measure those levels to

kind of rule out okay this room or this

particular area does not have a high EMF

field so those feelings of paranoia or

feeling like somebody's watching you

were standing behind you or a little bit

more genuine when you don't have an

excessive amount of EMF field which

those things EMF can close those things

so when you don't have a high EMF

constant EMF field okay that paranoia

you feel there might be something more

to it now we have to move down the

checklist you know you have to take into

account carbon monoxide have a carbon

monoxide detector or a meter or

something that measures carbon monoxide

in the surrounding area because carbon

monoxide can also have those same kind

of effects on you in plus it's you know

health effects or the negative health

effects are well documented but it can

also explain some of the paranormal

experiences you might be encountering so

you need to use those for that purposes

now a lot of people use k2 meters for

communication purposes which is fine

when you it is interesting when you do

get a spike in an area that is not

highly charged with EMF and you get some

spikes but it's not 100% proof that

spirit is trying to communicate by

lighting up the little lights so you

have to take it all with a grain of salt

you have to look at the big picture you

have to take all the evidence

that is acquired and analyzes and try to

form your best opinion and that is what

you know I try to do so equipment is

important I've stated in the past you

need a digital recorder just for

documentation purposes some sort of

video camera preferably something you

know in the full spectrum range or IR

camera a still photo to still photo

camera to you know document still photos

but you have to be careful with all of

that unless you are an expert in

photography you know sometimes still

photos can play tricks on you um your

your brain wants to connect dots and

wants to see patterns and things so

sometimes you know if that's what when I

people take pictures of you know that

I'm scrying and looking into a mirror

and they see a face you know your brain

wants to connect the dots and wants to

find patterns in situations where there

are no patterns and that is why we get

some of that sometimes not saying all

the time that's the case but you have to

look at those photos with a skeptic eye

and not to say oh there's a face there

boom boom that's proof of the paranormal

no it's not that's not proof it's proof

that there might be something there but

you have to look at it rationally you have

to look at it calmly so those are all

good items but once again you like I

said you have to look at him in heaven

you have to look at him very skeptically

but not cynically you know there's a big

difference that I've talked about this

in past between being a cynic and being

a sceptic I am but believer I believe in

the afterlife

I believe that a lot of I should say I

believe that we were dealing with ghosts

I believe we're dealing with something

I'm not 100% sold that it is a ghost or

the spirits of the Dead I'm but I know I

know there's some kind of supernatural

explanation that we don't understand

causing some of

this activity and that's the activity

that you can't really prove the science

you know I think there is something to


you know maybe multiverse or dimensional

type theories where maybe they're just

these paranormal experiences or these

EVPs are actually just catching bleed

off for bleed-through from other

dimensions other universes or whatever

I'm not a scientist I don't know the

exact terminology but I think there's

definitely something to it I'm like I'm

not 100 percent sold that it is a ghost or

it as a spirit looking to communicate

with a us or relay some message but

they're definitely experiencing

something I've experienced that if

you've listened to me for any amount of

time you know that I grew up in homes

that were loaded with activity my

previous home that I just moved from had

activity and a funny story about

that is you know that house had always

had activity from I've lived in it for

20-plus years probably you know there's

all there was always pretty good amount

of activity doors would close on their

own when I know how the how the heating

and air works and there it wasn't that

there wasn't an open window so was it a

spirit of closing the door very well

could have been I'm not 100 percent sold on

it but I think if I had to somebody held

A gun to my head said you gotta

pickIe said yeah something

supernatural not of this realm opened or

closed the door the house was loaded

with that kind of activity but as I go on more

investigations and I have started to pick

up a ramp up my investigations and my

studies on on this kind of stuff I you

know activity in that house kind of

started to dim a little bit you know you

always talk about people saying when you

Your on an investigation you need to protect

yourself you could bring something home

in my experience and thus far it's been

an exact opposite

I think whatever has or whatever if

there was a spirit in my home or my

previous home kind I said oh okay he's

getting into this I better back off so

I'm not I have been focusing more on The

Skeptical side of things and trying to

debunk things rather than trying to


I rather debunked a piece of evidence

then prove it is paranormal does that

make sense because when you debunked

something you're thinning out the herd

and that makes forgives that much more

credibility two things you can't a bunk

you know it moves it closer to the

paranormal or maybe even spirit side of

things but if is this funny that the

more investigations I do I have done

that activity they're home kind of

slacked off a little didn't 100%

disappear but it became very sporadic

and if it's just few and far between but

you know it could be a coincidence I

don't know or it could be my mindset of

being more skeptical as time has gone on

and trying to focus more on the skeptic

cited in the debunking side that

activity kind of lessened a little bit

so that's just it's interesting you know

I don't know if you want it you can

contact me on Twitter and give me your

opinion on why you think that might be

but it's just it's fascinating and this

is really a hard field to get into and

to for those very reasons and when we

come I'm gonna take a little break and

when I come back I want to talk a little

bit more about these paranormal shows of

why it's kind of making it that much

more difficult to investigate or  be a

Paranormal investigator and it actually

investigate ghost activity or any kind

of paranormal activity so

when we come back that is what we're

going to talk about we are now

officially back in I want to kind of go

over what it is about the reality

paranormal shows that makes paranormal

investigating is so much more difficult

in what I'm going to term as the real

world and I have to connect some dots

here so you're gonna have to bear with

me a little bit now first of all I'm a

big believer in the energy aspect of the

paranormal in our existence

I believe our energy affects the energy

around us and vice-versa

so when you go on an investigation you

have to do it with the right mindset the

right attitude if you go on an

investigation with a piss-poor attitude

you're gonna have piss-poor results and

your chances go down from slim to none

and so on so you need to approach all

these things in the best possible or in

my mind the best possible attitude

promoting or pushing out the best

possible energy that's my opinion now

when it comes to these reality shows we

watch these things and we have to keep

in mind most of these people are

entertainers they are filming a show

to entertain the masses and that trumps

all so they put don't want

yes I do was there but that is first and

foremost the most important thing

they're trying to do they're trying to

entertain they're trying to get people

to come back and watch every week or

every time they have a new season and so

they are doing some things that are

acting in certain ways which are not

ideal for paranormal investigating and I

mean not to pick on Ghost Adventures too

much but like aaron from Ghosts adventures

he is so easily excitable in that his

his personality that's great I'm not

knocking anybody for that but sometimes

that is not the best way to be on an

investigation you need to be cool calm

and collective you can't get too high

you can't get too low as when you get

too high things that energy affects the

surroundings that could affect whatever

energy is around us and not energy might

be the wrong word that's just the word

I'm going to use and try to you know I

don't know exactly what it is if I'm

just using the word energy but it

affects everything around us it affects

other people so if you have somebody

that you're investigating with is easily

excitable easily scared or real jumpy

it's going to affect how you investigate

it's going to affect your investigation

so you want to be surrounded you want to

surround yourself with even people

and I'm sorry to say this if you are

easily scared you're easily excitable

this isn't the right activity for you

you need to find something that's more

beneficial to that because I've seen it

I've seen it once I seen it 10 times

somebody you're with an investigation

you're doing an investigation and you

are with somebody that's easily scared

or jumpy or something happens and they


I almost set off the rails but they

exaggerate this situation and they with

their energy and their presence and they

make a big deal out of it things will

start snowballing from there you can

I've done this you can sit back and

watch one person have an experience and

be a little bit boisterous about it or

whatever and then you can just watch it

build and it's like people are feeding

off that so that in my opinion from my

experience that kind of activity that

kind of behavior I'm not saying it's bad

I'm just saying it's not great for

investigating so when that starts to

build one person has an experience

another person and I'll just keep going

and going to where everybody's having an

experience now in most cases going back

to my theory that 99% 95 to 99% of what

we experience are is not actually

paranormal that just clouds it even more

so you if you were hearing footsteps or

you hear disembodied voice you know it's

you should document it yes but not oh my

god I just heard this amount of a

disembodied voice somebody just as much

or whatever you don't want to feed it he

you wanna charge the atmosphere because

other people will pick up on that and

they might have start to have an

experience that it's not necessarily

genuine it's not really paranormal it's

just their mind playing off that person

so you know it kind of goes along with

confirmation bias if you go into an

investigation expecting to see something

or making a big deal out of it about

seeing something on the paranormal side

your mind will find something and

satisfy that need so but it's kind of

the same concept your brain will just

play follow the leader you need to be

investigating with the right kind of

people and you need to keep cool calm

and collected during an investigation

it's just the way it has to be if you

want to get the best or give yourself

the best possible chance to get

legitimate paranormal evidence that is

the best way to do it and it makes going

through such evidence that much more

easier remember your mindset your

attitude and the people around you plays

a big role in that is why what makes so

difficult because most of the people who

listen to this podcast are probably

members of paranormal teams and it is a

very diverse group odds are you all have

one thing in common you have share a

interest in the paranormal but it's a

diverse group

I'm getting to the point where I almost

would prefer to go alone

I am definitely don't do public

investigations well should say I'll

never do another public investigation

but I don't like to investigate in large

groups because it does affect the

evidence or the chances of evidence that

can be gathered the more people there

are the more people interacting with the

surrounding our the atmosphere in a

particular occasion does affect

everything that goes on so I don't I'm

not a big fan of these big teams so you

need to definitely kind of watch who

you're investigating with and these

paranormal shows really play up on the

idea of making it fun you know becoming

entertaining and that's not always the

best way to be during an investigation

so keep that in mind when you're going

to become a paranormal investigator you

go out on a hunt

it's not what the shows make it out to

be there's 95% of those shows are full

of shit and they're not about they say

they're about finding evidence but they

actually aren't that's not the number

one goal I'm mean a perfect example is

was it goes to Morgan City that show is

such complete horseshit it's not even

funny they play up to the crowd or they

play up to the viewer they which you

know is what they need to do to gain

viewership but it's such bullshit I mean

that's like the one paranormal

investigator I mean come on dude

he's a demonologist and an ordained

minister let me let you in on a little

secret about 60 70 bucks you can have

the exact same thing when I did the

paranormal or the demon episodes I

actually took home the classes just to

Gage my knowledge and see if there was

anything I didn't know I took one I paid

the money to actually do that or take

that course I didn't really learn

anything new I knew it all I I said it

took it would take about 40 to 60 hours

to complete the course I did in about

three hours and they said who will send

your certificate I said or they said

we'll send your certificate you are a

certified demonologist that no I'm not

and keep your certificate I'm good I'm

not a monologist I have knowledge of

demons but that does not make me a


you know he says he's a demonologist and

ordained minister I ain't gonna become

an ordained minister in 15 minutes

online so that is not what you need to

do you know it's not about that it's

about experiences about learning always

learning new stuff and in one particular

episode the last one I caught you know

they're hearing a growl and he

immediately jumps up oh I'm not having

this that only adds to the charged

atmosphere you know he puffs up the

chest and goes I'm doing a cleansing I'm

gonna clean this house okay that's great

but with your it's great for television

the way you handle the situation but in

real life that is not what you should do

there was no obvious threat they heard

A growl and that was it we don't

know what that growl was people so that

was made for television now I'm not

saying they didn't hear a growl if they

probably did but the whole reaction to

the growl is where the problem is so you

can't I mean it's just complete and

total horseshit and I I watch the shows

but if you actually think that is

paranormal investigating you need to get

a clue you need to get a grip it's not

that's not what it's about and that's

not how it I mean in theory it's how it

should be done but you need to be normal

you need to have a calm demeanor you

can't be excitable sorry

cuz that's just gonna feed your mind and

feed the people around you just keep

that in mind when you go on

investigations be in a good mood have

fun with it don't get too high don't get

too low if you do get a knock or get

something or hear something or get


okay document it and move on to the next

well I should say document try to debunk

it figure it out and then move on to the

next experience that's the way it should

be done it's not that big of a deal

that's the goal that's like you want to

eat dinner you don't get excited when

you eat the dinner you know whooping

hollering oh that's but that was the

goal you fixed it you ate it job done so

you need to be cool collective because

your emotions play a big deal play a big

role in paranormal investigation so that

is my best advice in that it's why I

want to address an investigation that is

the way I want to investigate now if you

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that's fine

I don't care that you don't agree with

me it's not an exact science

these are my opinions that I have formed

over my investigations over my research

And trust me I do a lot of research I

spend most of my free time doing

research on the shit but I'm always up

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what makes it hard if you have something

else that you feel makes paranormal

investigating that much more difficult

let me know one of those ways that's

gonna wrap up this episode we'll see you

next week take care everybody

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