What are Demons?

Episode #40


The word demon or demonology strike emotion in people whenever they hear them.  People start to judge or look at you funny if you bring the topic up.  However, if you’re a paranormal investigator, there is no way around it, unfortunately.

Something demonic or evil will fill the atmosphere of a haunted location at some point if you spend enough time investigating.  It’s happened to all of us at some point. 

Are these interaction demons showing themselves and potentially trying to affect us in some way, or is this something else entirely?  There is only one way to solve this puzzle, and that’s roll up your sleeves and dive into the demonology world.


Demonology is merely just the study of demons, their origins, their backstories, and their purposes here in this realm.  This world can be dark, and once you fall into that rabbit hole, things can get weird. 

When I first started to look into the concept of demons and demonology; I always related demonology or a demonologist to the church.  Sure, for years, the church was synonymous with this topic.  However, with the invention of the internet, this is no longer the case.

As a paranormal investigator, I prefer to leave religion at the door.  Now let me explain this before the overly religious damn me to hell.  Paranormal investigating is all about keeping a level head so you can experience the activity and then rationally come to a conclusion of what happened.  Don’t forget about God or put your religious beliefs on hold.  Still, use your faith as a shield or protection, but just don’t let these beliefs corrupt your thoughts or let it affect how you experience or view the paranormal activity that is going on at any location.

I grew up in a religious household, so I’ve always been aware of the existence of demons through the eyes of the church.  Naturally, as I grew older and started thinking for myself, the lens I was viewing the spiritual and demonic world through had changed.

I now knew that learning about demons and their role in the grand scheme of things wasn’t a one-way ticket to Satanism and eventually Hell.  Knowledge of the subject is the best way to protect yourself from this very thing.

Listeners or followers know that I’ve lived in several houses that have had activity.  I’ve had a front-row seat to the paranormal most of my life.  However, it was till I started going out and professionally, and I’m using that term extremely loosely, did I encounter darker or possibly demonic entities or energies. 

I started looking into demonology as a curiosity, but once I felt I encountered something darker or at least something portraying itself as evil, I thought it was time to put kick that education into overdrive.  So, I’ve made it my mission to educate myself about demons.

What are demons

Demons are spirits not of this realm.  According to societies and religions throughout the ages, these malevolent spirits would cross into our world and play havoc with our lives.  Demons could and would most definitely affect certain aspects of our existence.  This power over us could range from the weather to our overall health.  I will touch on this in a bit more detail later. 

Every religion and every culture have a different opinion about demons and how they interact with this world.  However, the one thing just about all of them have in common is, demons are non-human malicious spirits or entities that never were human.  Demons are not ghosts; they didn’t live or die in this world. 

Demons tend to learn on the evil side, depending on whom you ask.  However, just because a spirit is evil, doesn’t be it’s a demon or demonic.  Evil is only a description of an entity’s intent. A regular ghost can be evil.  However, this does not make it a demon.  These are very important to understand and can make identify the paranormal activity that is going on at a location.  I plan on going into this topic in a future episode.

Upcoming Episodes

The topic of demons is vast, so I want to break it up into small digestible episode over the next few weeks.  Each episode will cover a particular aspect regarding demons.

I’ll cover the following:

·         Identify demons, so you know what you’re up against

·         How to handle any demonic infestation

·         Exorcism

·         Protecting yourself against demons

























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