The Haunted Dollhouse



I recently went on another paranormal investigation.  I got in the car and headed to Greensburg, Indiana.

The Cincinnati Ghosts Hunters and I heard about and decided to spend the night in a house that is loaded with an abundance of dolls.

Several of these dolls are rumored to have attachments, and one might have a demonic entity that resides inside of her plastic body.

Listen and find out what the investigation uncovered.

First impressions

This home is an old home located on a street other homes that look pretty much all alike.  This older home is tiny and consists of only four rooms that are pretty much all the same size.

The owners of this house have placed all kinds of creepy dolls and other artifacts throughout the home.  The person that we met there gave us a brief tour and explained some of the stories behind a few of these dolls.

Dolls can be creepy.  However, add ghostly procession, or even demonic entities attached to them gives this place a spooky feeling.

Before the tour, I felt off in the living room.  The feeling that overcame me when I first walked into the room overwhelmed me.  This feeling alone told me the name haunted dollhouse was indeed justified.

In most cases, I would say the tales our hostess told explained to us would cause my brain to react by making me feel uncomfortable inside this haunted dollhouse.  However, I felt this way when I first walked into this particular room.  So, why did I feel this way?  The jury is out on this one; there might have been something there my body was reacting too.

The investigation

After the tour, I set up and proceed to investigate this old home.  I do quick EVP session and review it afterward.  However, nothing extra appear on the recorder.  Through the night, I do several other sessions, and I'm still combing through them currently.  If I find anything interesting, I will follow up on another episode and make a YouTube video featuring any findings.

Ghost box sessions

Ghost boxes are the subject of serious debate in the paranormal community.  Whether you place value in them or not, they do tend to be interesting.

This night was no different.  For the second time, during an investigation, the name Satan came out of the spirit box.  Do I believe the prince of darkness was in our company?  Probably not, but it's still interesting.  It is more likely that a random spirit was trying to intimidate us and put us on edge.

However, one person on the team pick up or had the feeling there was something darker in nature wondering in the kitchen.  A loud knock came from that direction, and of course, I went in to investigate.

Whatever in there left or didn't want to interact with me because I felt nothing and didn't get any responses.

Things just calm down

As the night went on, any feeling or noises seemed to stop.  Around 3 o'clock was shutoff.  The entire mood and atmosphere seemed to change and lighten up.  Any activity stop and the house felt much lighter.

Haunted dollhouse final thoughts

This location just confused me.  I feel that something is there and wants to interact, but  I'm just not sure.   None of the reported haunted dolls seemed to mover or reach out to us, but I'm not going to say its total BS.  Some of them could have attachments. However, they didn't reveal themselves to me.


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