Talking Witchcraft

Episode #20

Talking Witchcraft

Episode #20 I continue my conversation with Melissa Cummins from The Haunted Ride. Part two we discuss witchcraft, and Melissa shares her knowledge and experiences with witchcraft.

Most people get that pit in the stomach feeling whenever witchcraft or witches are brought up.  Not all witchcraft is evil, and Melissa sheds some light on the topic.

Honestly, witchcraft is probably the topic I'm most cynical about in all of the paranormal world.  I find it all hard to understand, because if a person could get all that they truly wanted just by practicing witchcraft, then everyone would be doing it and anarchy would rule the world.

So, after my conversation with Melissa, she educated me to the finer details of witchcraft and helped me think of things differently.

Is Witchcraft Real?

Is witchcraft real?   Honestly, I don't know, but there might be something to it after all.  Personally, I feel the mind is our most powerful tool, and if we believe something bad enough then it becomes reality.  Now, this might only be to that particular person, but it is all too real to them.

Good and bad Witchcraft

Like everything else in life, witchcraft can be good or bad.  It all depends on the person practicing the art form.

An evil person that is looking to do harm by using witchcraft is naturally what we all think of when thinking of a witch.  However, this doesn't have to be the case.  A person can use their belief and practice of witchcraft to benefit others and make things better others.

In Conclusion

Melissa and I had fun talking about witchcraft and she changed my perspective on this topic.

Plus, it might be a good thing that more people don't put more stock in the practice of witchcraft.  Like anything else, the more people that believe and practice will increase the odds of people misusing it and opening up doorways that they have no business opening and causing more harm to themselves or others.

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