Surviving a Poltergeist

Episode #23

Surviving a Poltergeist

Episode #23 is all about surviving a poltergeist.  That is precisely what Keith Linder had to overcome.

The Bothell Hell House

Keith and his then-girlfriend Tina had just rented a house and moved in together for the first time.  Shortly after they started living there, strange things began to happen to both of them.

Early activity

Their first encounter with the paranormal was when they picked up the keys and signed the lease.  They both heard what they thought was a child cough.  Then one night while watching a movie, both Keith and Tina heard a cough again.

Keith then realized he and his girlfriend were not alone.  There was something else inhabiting this home with them.  Activity began to ramp up.  As paranormal activity started to escalate, they both realized that surviving a poltergeist was precisely what their life was going to be about from here on out.

Their story gets some attention

Keith and Tina's story start to get some local attention.  A local news station heard and came out to record a segment at the hell house.  Someone working on the news segment just happened to know a person that worked with the Television show Ghost Adventures.  Shortly after that, Ghosts Adventures called with interest in covering Keith's story.

Ghost Adventures Fallout

If surviving a poltergeist isn't hard enough, the fallout from the Ghosts Adventures episode Demons In Seattle was about to explode.

When Keith contacted me about coming on the podcast and sharing his story, I knew it sounded familiar.  After doing some quick research, I remembered Keith's episode of Ghost Adventures.

This particular episode stuck out at me for one reason.  I had seen the show just a few months earlier during a Ghost Adventures Friday marathon.  The show title, Demons in Seattle, immediately caught my attention.

As I watch the show, I was fascinated because this is the one time, that I remember, Zak Bagans and the Ghost Adventures crew found absolutely no paranormal evidence.

The show even hinted around the concept that maybe Keith and Tina were hoaxing all the evidence they had caught to this point.  Now, the show didn't come out and say it, but there was no doubt that is what they were thinking.

Naturally, once the show aired, all of the Ghost Adventures fanatics came out of the woodwork and jumped on the Keith was faking the whole thing bandwagon.  Fan sites and message boards blew up on the topic.


It didn't take long for things to start way on both Keith and Tina.  Unfortunately, the stress of the activity and shows fallout was too much for their relationship.  Tina soon moved out, and Keith was left to live in the house all by himself.

Getting a second opinion

After all the headaches this poltergeist had caused, Keith was at his wit's end.  However, the story was over.

Soon, a paranormal team from the east coast reached out to Keith and wanted to help.  They monitored Keith's camera in search of the paranormal activity plaguing the house.

Keith reaches out to researchers in the UK, and they came and stayed, with Keith, in the home for a total of two weeks.  Their investigation proved more fruitful.

They found and documented a tremendous amount of evidence ranging from video and EVPS.  They published their findings and made documentaries validating Keith and his claims.


Documentary YouTube link 

Official PDF Report

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The Bothell Hell House

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