Storming Area 51

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Episode #44

Storming Area 51

In this episode, I want to talk about this crazy idea of storming Area 51 and forcing the government to so us the aliens.  As a bonus, I give my thoughts on the paranormal reality show Ghost of Morgan City.

Storming Area 51

This concept is so silly it's not even funny.  I'm sure every since they acknowledge the existence of the base, they probably moved whatever alien evidence at the base, if they had any at all. 

Plus, this most likely started as a prank, and some whack-job heard about it and said this is a great idea.  Will it happen I don't know, but on September 20 I'll be watching with the popcorn and laughing my head off.

Ghost of Morgan City

The last episode, Blue Shirt of Idlewild, was interesting for sure.  The cast had something really interesting pop up on a video camera they had placed in the location.  

A ghost or spirit was filmed walking past an open door.  Team members were astonished by what they witnessed.  If I'm honest, this is very compelling.  However, my cynical side can't help but pop out and say I'm not buying it.

It's possible that producers created such evidence to boost ratings of a pretty crappy show.  I hope it's not the cast, but I won't hold my breath.

Storming Area 51 Podcast transcript:

what is going on everybody welcome to

another episode of coast America

haunting ‘s and paranormal podcast Phillip

Sams thank you so very much for stopping

in and checking us out and it's your

first time thank you for checking it out

hope you enjoy if you have been

listening to this podcast for a while I

truly appreciate your support and the

fact that you listen so today we are

going to have a little bit of fun today

we're going to talk about the movement

here lately of storming area 51 that's

gonna be most of the podcast and also we

might get into a little bit of the show

ghost of Morgan City they had a very

interesting episode last the last

episode that I want to talk about and

give my opinion on and kind of open up

the discussion about it so stick around

all right so area 51 no everything is

whatever 51 is is recognized now as

alien or UFO hunting capital of the

United States which is very interesting

for lack of a better term because let's

face it as soon as they acknowledge its


they probably whatever was there they

took out took it away or removed it somewhere else 

so this concept of storming area 51 where you know they're

trying to get movement to where to get

you know a I've seen reports of 600,000

UFO Hunters to storm the gates and just

run in there and try to force them to

show them the alien bodies and

spaceships okay you can do that but it’s waste of

time they're probably not there 

it's a waste of time for several reasons

first probably nothing is there anymore

it's probably just a testing

facility with four top-secret aircraft

like the stealth bomber was just developed

there the b2 is developed there that's

pretty much probably all it is they

probably moved the really funky stuff

somewhere else by now it's probably just

a cover or a front they want you talking

about that so you don't know if we do

have it I'm not saying we do but if we

do have it it's probably somewhere else

at this particular time first of all I

want and hope that this is really just

some teenagers or somebody's having a

little fun had a few cocktails got a

little drunk said let's start this and

see where it goes and see if it takes

off and it has cuz you know I heard of

first about last week on a podcast and

but if I was willing to bet that is

exactly what it is and what's going on


the people who are organizing this

probably don't even think it's gonna

happen they were just having a little


now let's get him to basically what will

happen if you do fun fact I saw and

retweeted up every article I guess you

for lack of a better word from I believe

is yeah Yahoo News and basically and let

me read the title storm area 51 US

military ready to confront 600,000 alien

hunters threatening to raid top secret base

everybody's watched YouTube and I'm sure

if you listen to this podcast you've

probably seen a few videos on area 51

and seen some of the signs or seen a

documentary where you will be shot on

sight and you've seen the little white

trucks with guards in it now it's a top

secret base and they're trying to deter

people from coming so now would they

shoot on sight I don't know I mean in

today I would say 20 years ago yeah

600,000 people try to storm the gates

probably you're gonna have six and

you're gonna need six hundred body bags

but in today's climate it it'd probably

be more hassle than what it's worth so

if they're gonna do this which I'm not

sure they are and if they do there were

idiots but I'm sure the government's

taking steps like I said probably

nothing is there anyway and if you think

those guard shacks are the front line of

defense that's just a building the real

defense of the of the base is deeper you

get in the tighter the Security's going

to be so getting past the guard check or

the entrance the main entrance which

funny thing is they're saying they're

going to storming in

I hate to be the one to tell

them this that's not the most easiest

terrain to navigate if you've seen

pictures of it if you've seen videos and

it's not like a guard shack in a parking lot

you walk up to and

there's a building 

you have to travel miles so you're gonna be

running for miles to get there and

definitely you're gonna be going

over some very rough terrain and meeting

resistance now will they shoot you I

don't know I think it'd make for a great

story but probably the government won't

want to deal with the backlash of

actually shooting people and the

lawsuits that'll it will cost them

billions of dollars so why bother

odds are nothing's there anyway and it's

just waste of time now in this article

that i retweeted that is a quote saying

Storming of area 51

they can't stop all of us probably true

but they can really make it difficult

and when the bullets start flying

guess what

people gotta scatter it's all fun and

games till leads start flying by your


basically they want to run past the

gates and run up to the building okay

say you let's for sake of argument you

run past that gate you got miles to go

you're gonna be tired if you're doing

all the hop you gonna be tired by the

time you get there and you think they

just have these ships sitting out on

runways with tarps over them maybe

washing them no they're tucked away

inside the mountain or they're tucked

away in the hangars and I'm sure these

hangars have state-of-the-art security

or doors your just not going to open the

door you're never gonna get in you're never

gonna get in to see anything so what's

the point

now that doesn't

account for what security measures they

have between point a and point B so do

you think that guard shack and this is

white trucks are the only security they

have it wouldn't surprise me one bit if

they had shit in the ground that'll pop

up and pump some lead in your ass

I'm not trying to find a quote here but

that's okay I remembered I'm I'm going

from memory here so I know don't quote

me exactly but the gist of it is you

know he said we can run faster than

bullets now that is an asinine comment I

mean I understand what he was going for

but just to say it 

basically he was saying that they can't shoot everybody

yes but like I said earlier soon as a

bullets do start flying

Then most of those people will turn and run

tail so why even wasted to waste your

time doing it I firmly believe that

there are people taking this shit very

seriously and if you and if the person

who started this actually believes this

shit they should run through it hope

they they're ready for it if get they

don't get shot just a lot of jail time

fines or kill you you probably be better

off to get shot all they have to do is

round up a couple of you I mean it's not

like they have to get all six hundred

thousand of you they can probably get a

vast majority of you especially if

you're gonna try to get into a building

it's a funnel you're gonna get into a

building boom your caught so is it really

worth it for I mean it's it's a fun

little prank if that's what it is which

I hope it is but you're never going to

get anywhere close to it I don't care if

you have two million people and if you

do well I shouldn't say that you

probably some people could get closer 

but they're not gonna

get anything they're not gonna learn

anything the only thing they're gonna

Get it's handcuffs or get detained for a

while and who knows what else I mean so

it's a fun little little social media or

viral concept but it's not gonna work

first and foremost if you're going to

plan something like this you might

actually have a chance 

don't know not advertise it

word of mouth works wonders but you know let's

put it on social media alert the

government that they're gonna do this

And the government actually responds

to it then probably  it;s not a good idea

how stupid can you be

and how stupid is the public this is

obviously probably just a prank

and it's went viral and people are

taking it seriously

so I guarantee there will be some morons

that will actually gather and actually

probably give it a shot it's gonna be

funny it's gonna be hilarious I will be

giddy I’ll be laughing so hard so I

don't know if you think I'm wrong let me know at or send me a

message on Twitter at night_ghost I would love to hear your opinion

on it I've got some interesting

responses so far on what I posted on it

and just my general talking about it to

other people it'll be interesting I hope

they do it I hope it's real because I

would love to see the look on the face

cuz I bet my bottom dollar there ain't

shit there they've moved it if there was

anything there 

in the bonus episode I talked 

about Bob Lazar did say

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and get some bonus content next I want

to talk about ghosts of Morgan City now

this is a new show that comes on the

paranormal network known as Travel

Channel because that is pretty much all

they frickin do anymore and this is

basically a new series but 

it's a spin-off for a lack of

ghosts of Shepperdtown I

think it was last season 

I really want to talk about the very last

episode I believe is episode 3 it was

called blue shirt of Idlewild

now basically this was a plantation

house they went to and I will get into that

they had a very interesting piece of

evidence they came across and that is

really want to talk about but let me

just kind of go over

a little bit about this show it the main

character there's naturally I'm three

people on the show second medium as

always because you must have one of


the lead investigator is 

Ben Hansen who you

might recognize him I believe he was a

former FBI agent but also or worked for

the government I think it was FBI but

also he was on factor fake paranormal

files which was a complete horseshit

show and well it sucked let's be honest

it was horrible

it made dead files look like an Emmy

winner so that is what they're going

with three people I like it

you know keeping with the standard size

group of reality paranormal shows um but

you know so this show basically is just

them in one parish of Louisiana they are

working with the local sheriff's

department and or the sheriff's police

departments in that area in treating it

like an investigation you know they're

getting calls of I believe in this

episode they were somebody even they

even played I haven't not seen them all

I've seen maybe the first one and this

one so but it seems like you know they

started this episode out with them

playing a dispatch call of an intruder

or a burglar or whatever with no head so

that tells you right there what they're

doing and they're pandering to the

masses who eat this shit up like candy

so basically this home was used as a

hospital in the Civil War but then

through the episode they found out that

it was used during the yellow fever

epidemic 1905 ish time frame and what

through their investigation they found

out that or they claimed that there's a

nurse that is still there trying to help

people through doing things like

stealing jewelry 

now one portion of the

Show um Hansen gets his jewel or necklace

broken which you know shit happens 

how is that you didn't see him get

snagged on anything it just looked like

one minute was there and next when he

said oh my necklace is broke okay

whatever maybe but then you know they're

doing EVP session and here's where it

gets interesting they go he goes - and

this is what cracks me up - an RV and

they call it the ghost coach which is a

little tacky I mean come on Travel

Channel you can do better than that

so in the next thing you know before

they go to naturally that you do with a

commercial break cut wear something big

starts happening and then they go to

commercial come back and he's there

watching the monitor and apparently 

he was reviewing the EVPs he was

watching the monitors as well and next

thing you know an aberration walks

through a door frame or not through a

door frame but from one end of the

they're looking through a door the

cameras pointed in looking in a room and

there's a doorway and something walks by

and it's I'll give them credit if this is 

legitimate then it is a phenomenal piece

of evidence but notice I said the word

if it's legitimate I don't know if we can

because it's TV the name of the game is

to get people to watch the show and so

producers directors show-runners then they

will play fast and loose with the rules

and they're not above faking it I will

say the reaction of the cast was very

was good I mean it was faked and they

knew it was fake then they deserve Emmys

for that shit because they looked

legitimately surprised they decided

things started popping you could tell

the day it was great acting if they knew

about and they talk about how it is

translucent which through when I watched

it didn't look translucent translucent

it looked more how can I say this blurry

I mean but they did do the due diligence

they send somebody in to wrap try to

replicate it I applaud them for that but

I am just so skeptical and no more cynical

 if you've listened to me you

know that I talked about you have to be

or approach the paranormal or any kind

of investigative investigations of this

type with a skeptical mindset that's

fine that's keeps your mind open it

keeps you sharp but when it comes to

these reality shows and that's what they

are I'm going to say you need to be more

cynical or at least I am more cynical

because you can't you can't take it at

face out in other world people people I

haven't really looked I'm sure there I

was blowing up talking about what a

great piece of evidence but the thing is

there are so many of these shows out

there having to start one up

each other it seems like it's kind of

starting to happen you know for them to

stay relevant you know they have to keep

up with ghost adventures you know they

had an episode not too long last week or

two weeks ago where they had a really

good piece of evidence

you know so they know they to make the cut 

they've they might cheat a little

bit and I've always taken the stance

when it comes to evidence like that I

wasn't there so I'm I can't confirm or

deny now if I wasn’t  there and I didn’t take

part of the recreation of it

that kind of evidence or that kind of

footage okay I couldn’t  say for sure yet I

mean I hope it's real I mean but when it

comes to these paranormal shows it's

just um it's hit or miss I mean but the

show is it's freaking horrible honestly

I mean I'm not a fan of it it's not that

good the element seems like they're

trying too hard they're in Louisiana and

they're talking about the voodoo

 thing and they keep saying

well there's voodoo practice in

Louisiana everybody knows that the

in not enlightening us or not breaking

any news stories there we know that shit

goes all in Louisiana so it's just a

horrible show I mean I don't even like

the premise that much one area cannot

have that much activity so it's but I'm

sure people watch it and some people got

eat it up so more power to them but

don't come to me on Twitter or on

Facebook whatever and talk about the

great paranormal evidence they

collect because odds are not 

and I had to bet the mortgage on it

that's horseshit I could be wrong and I

hope I am wrong but I'm just not going

to go out on a limb

I mean it's they're trying to get people

to watch because they want advertisers

they want to stick around for another

season that's more money in their pocket

and when there's money involved shake

the rules go out the window a little bit so that

is really what I have to say if you want

to comment and light me up because you

love the show by all means feel free you

can leave a comment on the show note page


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