Possible New Poltergeist Problem



I generally get some excellent responses or feedback from the listeners of this podcast. 

However, my previous episode dealing with the Quija Board sparked several direct messages and emails.  One of these communications raised my interest.  The direct message sent to me was simple "Can I have some advice?"

So, in the episode, I share why this person needed advice and exactly what I told them and why I gave them that advise. 

I’m not a big believer in the Quija Board and I personally feel we give it the power and I wanted to get that across in my advice to this person. Odds are this person was surrounded by paranormal activity and they were just closed off to it and never really noticed it.

However, once they took part in a Quija session, their senses were opened up and they started to notice the paranormal environment around them.



Phillip Sams