Portals to Hell

Episode #37

Portals to Hell

Finally, I give my thoughts on the new paranormal show Portals to Hell.  Plus, I talk about a letter to timesunion.com where some lovely gentleman shares his ideas about how the UFO phenomenon is Satan’s way to ensure he gets all of our souls on the fast track to hell.  Next, Anne Mick Cole comes back on the show and shares what paranormal activity has been surrounding her since she last appeared on the show.

Portals to Hell

If you’ve listened or followed me for any amount of time, you will know I’m not a big fan of the reality crap that passes as paranormal investigating.   So, I didn’t have very high hopes for Travel Channel's new show Portals to Hell with Jack Osbourne and Katrina Weidman.

If I'm honest, I’m a fan of Jack.  So, I figured I would cut this show a bit more slack than some of the other junk that is out there.  However, to my surprise, it was all that bad.  With the name, Portals to Hell, I figured it would be a demon love-fest, and everybody would be getting possessed by the midway point of the show like you know who, and yes, I mean Ghost Adventures. 

I waited until I had the chance to view a few episodes before I formed my opinion.  After watching and giving it some thought, I was pleasantly surprised that the show, thus far, hasn’t gone off the deep end with the demonic aspect.  Yes, they often mention evil energy and sometimes use the noun demon, but they don’t state it as fact.  Both Jack and Katrina don’t hesitate to explain their thoughts or what they are feeling during their paranormal investigation.

Never once did I see Jack get a crazed look on his face and punch a wall or act like he was about to give Katrina a right hook.  They both investigate and explain their experiences and form a personal opinion of whether or not the location has a ghost or if it is just a creepy old building.

Another thing that I liked about the show was their use of equipment.  Yes, Portals to Hell uses all the fancy gadget that might work, or they might be a complete waste of time.  However, they don’t place too much emphasis on any of the equipment.  The use of those tools is only a piece of the puzzle and not proof of the existence of spirits.

The jury is still out, and there is always a chance they go down the same road as all the rest.  We’ll see I guess and cross that bridge when we get there.

Satan and UFO’S

Recently, I came across a letter via the internet that was sent to timesunion.com.  In this letter, a guy shares his idea that Satan is responsible or behind the UFO sightings around the globe.  He says that UFO’s are merely a way for Satan to distract us and move us further away from whichever God you choose to worship. 

This person is a bit of a religious fanatic.  Not everything in this world is Satan’s way of damning our souls to hell.  Unfortunately, people like this tend to see Satan in everything, and they aren’t afraid to share their religious opinion.

Here’s one problem with his way of thinking.  A majority of UFO sightings are nothing more than top secret aircraft test being done by whichever country’s military.  If it is military; then Lucifer has nothing to do with the situation.  So, this person is no doubt a religious crackpot that wants to see the Devil in everything he doesn’t fit within his spiritual box.

Annie Mick Cole

Annie is a paranormal blogger that comes back on the podcast to share what’s been going since she moved back to Ohio.  Annie has decided to embrace her abilities, which she has suppressed in the past, to pick up on the spirits around her, and this makes for some exciting paranormal stories.

Be sure to follow Annie on twitter and check out her blog for more paranormal encounters.  Annie is always planning to start a YouTube channel.  So, be on the lookout for that in the future.

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