Paranormal Tools of the Trade

My Paranormal Tools of the Trade

If you ask any paranormal investigator what his or her paranormal tools of the trade are are, you will get as many answers as there are actual pieces of equipment. 

I’m simple when it comes to my equipment of choice.  The less I carry into a location, the better off I am.  My three things that will never leave my paranormal goody bag are a flashlight.  If I’m roaming around dark rooms, I don’t want to fall and break my neck.  So, some sort of flashlight is a must.

Second, peace of ghost hunting equipment that I feel is imperative is a trusty digital recorder.  A recorder is a versatile piece of paranormal tool. Most people think EVP’s when they see or think of digital recorders.  However, they are much more useful than that. 

Catching every little noise or lack of noise is critical to any paranormal investigation.  If at some point you think you hear a disembodied voice, going back and checking to see if the recorder picked it up as well.

The last piece of must-have equipment for me is a video camera.  Night vision camera is significant because in most cases, you are sitting in the dark and you can’t see anything.  Video then becomes your eyes after the investigation.  You just never know when a spirit secretly shows themselves during the night.

All the Fancy Toys

The paranormal frenzy blew up once all these paranormal television shows started to pop up.  Each year the popularity grew so naturally, investigators began to find or develop more and more tech to search for ghosts.

Spirit Box

The spirit or ghost box is probably the most common or popular, so I thought.  I recently asked a question to my Twitter community.  I asked them what their favorite equipment was to use during their investigations.

To my surprise, nobody said the ghost box.  I’ve used them, but I’m not convinced they are absolute proof of the afterlife.

A ghost box or spirit box is just a radio with a broken seek button.  All they do is scan radio frequencies, and you can hear a word or two.  The question is are they just the people at the radio station or are they a spirit trying to communicate from the beyond.

In my opinion, it’s up in the air because it's so hard to tell or prove either way.  However, when you get several words that come through and for somewhat of a sentence that is an actual response to something you may have asked, this is interesting.

I can’t say one way or another, but it must be added to the equation and move you one step closing to answering some of these paranormal questions.

Ovilus and the rest

All these new fancy paranormal toys have questions and aren’t perfect.  Most of them are designed for something else, and we use them to try and prove a theory.  EMF meters are excellent examples of this because they are electrical devices that ghost hunters use to test the hypothesis that spirits manipulate the energy in an area when they are trying to manifest.  So, EMF meters should pick up on this activity.

Does it work?  It’s interesting but not 100% proof of ghosts.

Everything else is pretty much the same thing.  Everyday equipment used to try and prove the spirits are trying to interact or manifest in our world. 

Final thoughts

Bottom line, the best paranormal equipment are your eyes, ears, and your gut.  Pay attention to those three things and use everything else to add or go along with your own experiences.