Paranormal Portals

Episode #26

Talking Paranormal Portals and More on Location in a Haunted Greenhouse

Welcome to the show notes for episode #26, Talking Paranormal Portals and more on Location in a Haunted Greenhouse.

I've been talking about recording a podcast episode on location while on a paranormal investigation.  My ultimate plan was to live stream my recording of the podcast on YouTube.  However, signal issues and technical difficulties.

Luckily, I was able to record the audio for the podcast without too much trouble.


Let's talk about the location of this podcast. Initially, I wanted to record this episode from the Rohs Opera House.  The Cincinnati Ghosts Chasers and I were all set and had booked the venue, but because several of the team members came down with the flu.  So, we had to cancel the trip.

Now, I had to come up with a plan b.  After talking to with others in the group, we decided to visit a place that no other team has investigated.  The house has plenty of reported activity.  However, we wanted to focus our attention on the greenhouse located at the back of the property.

What we discussed

Since I had to pretty much wing this episode due to our change of venue, we just decided to have a paranormal BS session.  Naturally, we started with activity in and around this greenhouse and home, but the conversation ventured into other things like paranormal portals.

I naturally give my opinion on the concept of paranormal portals being mirrors, windows, and doorways.  I feel like portals are more environment based and not necessarily an object.

The energy in a location is really what causes the thin spot in an area and allows spirits to float between dimensions.  Mirrors and other things get the credit, but they aren't the cause.

I also dive into why I think some spirits are negative or dark and as a bonus, I tell you what kind of ghosts I'll be once I've moved into the afterlife.

Past team paranormal investigations

We all share some of our opinions on previous investigations that we all have been on together.  We just compare notes on what happened and float some ideas about what might be the cause of said activity.

Check out the whole episode and let me know what you think.  Should I continue to do on location podcast episodes and should I put more of a focus on investigating rather than my standard podcast form?

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