Paranormal Apology

Episode #25

Paranormal Apology

I owe everyone that listen to the podcast an apology!  Last weeks paranormal podcast was freaking terrible.

I looked and sounded like I didn't what to have anything to do with recording that episode.

After listening to it and thinking it over, I realized my problem.  I'm getting pretty frustrated with paranormal investigating.  Be sure to download the podcast episode and find out why my frustration has peaked.


Honestly, I feel that the more paranormal investigations I go on, the more skeptical I'm becoming when it comes to ghosts and investigating haunted locations.

I've been experiencing activity since I was a kid.  So, dealing with a weird noise or seeing things I can't explain have become second nature to me.

So, when I go into a location that has reported really good activity, I expect to experience some paranormal activity.  When I spend six to eight hours sitting in the dark and experience absolutely nothing or very little, my mood goes down and my frustration skyrockets.

That's precisely what happened in my last podcast episode.  What makes this worse is that fact I know ghosts hunting isn't like the reality crap that is on the television in today's society.

In reality, you can't show up to a home or business, and the evidence starts surrounding you from the start.  It's a long and sometimes dull process that might not yield any evidence at all.

My effort just sucked

This frustration just took me over and caused the entire episode to suck.  That should never be an issue, and this is why I own everyone that listen to that episode a big apology.

From now on, I'll make more of an effort to do a better job.

Thank you for sticking with me, and I have some cool stuff I want to do with the podcast in the future.

Recording on Location

I want to start recording a podcast while investigating a location.  Plus, I want to live stream that recording on YouTube as well.  So, If you're a subscriber, you get to see the podcast and interact while recording the episode.


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