Hypocrisy and Why Get into Paranormal Investigating

Episode #30:  Hypocrisy and Why Get into Paranormal Investigating

There is some hypocrisy within the paranormal community.  I often post questions to other paranormal investigators and paranormal enthusiast.

Recently, I asked my followers what drew them into the paranormal field.  The response was impressive, and I wanted to share some of those reasons and let all the listeners hear my reason for jumping into the world of ghost and the paranormal.

However, a response, to an earlier question, shocked me because her comment was filled with hypocrisy.  The question she was responding to a question that talked about what kind of problems do paranormal investigators come across during their investigations.

Paranormal Hypocrisy

I received a lot of comments, but one from a “medium” jumped out at me and struck me the wrong way.  This medium said her difficulty was that she had to fix or undo things that ghost hunter do during their investigations.  She ended her comment with “down with ghosts hunting, and I’m a spirit activist.”

At first glance, there isn’t anything wrong with her comment.  However, me being a curious person, I went and checked out her profile.  As soon as I check her out, the hypocrisy of her statement hit me. 

For a medium which isn’t fond of ghosts hunting, she has a whole bunch of pictures of her in cemeteries.  What is she doing in these cemeteries?  That’s right; she’s ghosts hunting.  For someone who does not like ghost hunting; she seems to be doing a whole lot of it.

Her page is filled with pictures of what she claims are spirits, but those pictures don’t show anything other than a picture with the background out of focus.  I wasn’t impressed at all, and the fact that she’s is trying to promote pictures as evidence is extremely hypocrisy at it’s finest.

Why get into paranormal investigating

My question to my Twitter followers was what sparked your interest in the paranormal.  The responses went as I figured they would. 

·         Childhood Experiences

·         Death of a friend or loved one

·         General curiosity

Those responses didn’t surprise me at all. 

I also share my reason in this episode as well.

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