Gladstone Villa Haunting

Episode #32: Gladstone Villa Haunting

Gladstone Villa was a private residence in the former mining town of Bargoed in the South Wales valley in the UK.  Andrew Dexter grew up and lived in Gladstone Villa up until 1978.  Andrew reached out and wanted to share his family's paranormal experiences

Andrew lived in Gladstone Villa from his birth until the late ’70s.  Paranormal activity was experienced throughout that time. Five family members were living in Gladstone Villa.  Everyone that lived in this haunted location experienced a wide range of paranormal activity.

Gladstone Villa paranormal activity

The reported paranormal experiences within Gladstone Villa’s walls is particularly compelling.  According to Andrew Dexter’s email that he sent me; each member residing inside the villa experienced wild activity.

Family members saw power cords unplugged form the wall socket right in front of their eyes.  Andrew’s grandfather Bill even had a glass bottle thrown at him while he was walking into the main bedroom.  

The haunting spirit residing at Gladstone Villa had preferences when it came to music and television programming.  Often, the activity would ramp up when certain music played or when the family was watching certain things on the television.  

Sometimes when his grandmother was watching a religious television program, the spirit would make himself or herself known.  Plus, if the ghost weren’t happy with the choice of music, it would go ahead and turn it off for the family.

Over the years, many other people came to Gladstone Villa and gave their opinion of the activity or experienced something for themselves.  Skeptics of the paranormal even had a few experiences that forced them to change their mind on whether ghosts walk, among the living

My final thoughts

First, let me thank Andrew Dexter for sharing his story.  Is this story of all his and his family’s paranormal experiences true?  Naturally, I wasn’t there, so I can’t be one hundred percent sure, but all of his encounters seem to consist, and there is some historical information that helps to form some conclusion.

Those are his experiences, and I cannot confirm or deny them.  I am a big proponent of personal experiences. They are much more important than using all these fancy pieces of paranormal instruments.  I feel it is not my job to prove or disprove the existence of ghosts or the paranormal.

After doing a google search of Gladstone Villa; I know this is an actual place.  However, every paranormal story seems to be Andrew’s story. I couldn’t find someone else’s paranormal experiences.  

Please let me know if you find or know someone that has had some kind of ghost encounter.

I feel Andrew did experience paranormal activity at this location.

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