Ghosts of Rohs Opera House

Episode #22

 Ghosts of Rohs Opera House


Ghosts of Rohs  Opera House is all about my time spent investigating the Rohs Opera House in Cynthiana, Kentucky.

All three investigation was extremely productive, and something is going on at this old opera house.

I share a few EVP's that I caught with my digital recorder.  As a bonus, I talk about a spooky experience that happened at the end of my last investigation.

Rohs Opera House investigations

I spent three nights at this haunted opera house over the last six months.  Looking back over my time there and reviewing all of the audio and video I took while there; has brought me to one conclusion.

This is one haunted opera house for sure!

Personal Experiences

If you've listened to my podcast, you know that I'm big on personal experiences.

All the ghosts hunting gadget are great, but there is nothing like experiencing the paranormal first hand in the dark when you're all along.  However, the key to personal experiences is to keep your cool and not let your fear and mind get the best of you.

Rohs Opera House doesn't disappoint when it comes to personal experiences.

All three nights were chalked full of footsteps, knocks and disembodied voices.  On our first investigation, we used trigger music to spark some paranormal activity.  Sure enough, we heard a loud bang come from behind the stage.  Upon investigation, we found nothing that would cause the noise.  Was it a ghost, showing displeasure with our choice of music?

That's the million dollar question.


I share a few EVP's that I caught on my digital recorder.  The first recording is subtle.  If you listen carefully, you can hear what sounds like a conversation being had in the background.

However, this conversation was heard during the time I was recording.  I only found it upon reviewing the recording the next day.

EVP number two is very interesting.  I caught this recording during my last night at Rohs Opera House.  We were doing a quick EVP session.  We asked several questions and upon reviewing the recording once we were finished, revealed we received an answer to one of our questions.

The end of the last night was crazy

Toward the end of my last night at Rohs Opera House, things got spooky!

There was three of us in the ballroom, and some lights decided to come on all by their lonesome.

After trying to rationalize how this could have happened, left me with one question.  Was it a spirit messing with us?

Honestly, I don't know, but it's most certainly paranormal.  I plan on heading back and trying to find some answers and see if I can get closer to finding out what's haunting Rohs Opera House!



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