Ghost EVP's

Episode #47

Ghost EVP's

All paranormal investigators search for EVP's during their investigations.  However, we all have to be careful about saying every little pop or crackle in a recording is a ghost making contact. 

This episode is all about Ghost EVP’s and what are credible EVP’s and what are not. I also include a portion of my recording with demonologist and exorcists Reverend Connell because upon editing the interview some creepy stuff showed up on the recording.

Episode #47: Ghost EVP’s Transcription

what is going on everybody welcome to



another episode of Ghosts in The Night a

hauntings and paranormal podcast I’m Phil

Sams thank you so much for checking out

this episode hope you enjoyed I enjoy

doing these podcasts so let me know what

you think today's episode is all about

EVP's are they the legitimate contact

with spirits or is it just some kind of

trick of the recording device or some

kind of noise filter or something that

is going on with these recording devices

that is making us think we are getting

responses or contacting the dead or

something to that effect now I have

included in this podcast recording of an

actual interview that I did for the

podcast which was aired a few weeks ago

and during that recording and my editing

for the that particular episode I came

across something that was really

freaking weird and it made me question

some stuff I don't know what it was

but I will play that and kind of talk

about that later on this podcast so

before we sure stick around so let's

get this podcast started 

all right so EVPs now for the I'm going

to go out along limb here and say most

of everybody that's the listening to

this and knows what an EVP is but just

for to cover my ass I will try give a

brief explanation of what an EVP is that

stands for electronic voice phenomenon

and basically what you see these shows

doing or any kind of investigator when

they have a digital recorder they're

asking questions they check the

recordings for any kind of voice anomaly

a response a direct

answer to the question that they asked

or anything such as that now it is a

legitimate phenomenon I have caught them

I don't doubt their existence in any way

shape or form but there is more to it

than just you ask a question and you get

a response you would have to analyze

each recording with a fine-tooth comb

and the tricky thing is you need to do

it right away or not right away but in

the raw form and what I mean by that is

the direct from the recorder directly

have the best headphones you can to get

the clearest sound you can and listen to

that way because once you send it to the

you know take it back run it through

your computer or maybe started doing

some filtering or anything of that it

can affect it can degrade a great EVP or

it can make some random background noise

sound maybe like an actual response to a

question so you have to be very careful

with it and you have to know what you're

doing but with that being said there's

I've been like I said I definitely

caught a lot of weird things on

recordings in like in the intro I said

I'm going to play something for you that

I actually caught

during an interview for this podcast I

didn't hear when we was when I was

conducting the interview upon editing

and listening through it I came across

it I will play that a little bit not how

I walk you through that one but it's

interesting and I'm fascinated by the

concept of evp’s now in most cases you

don't get shit do you ask a question and

you get nothing but EVPs are really

truly a true real 100 percent EVPs are they're

rare they're not as common as some

people make them out to be and you have

to know what you're listening for now

there are some investigators that any

little crackle in the recording they say

is an EVP and you know they have

different classes of class ABC what I

don't really care about the classes I

don't give I don't give a rats ass if

it's A or B once it gets below a I

don't care whether it's a B or Z it's

iffy at best I when I'm listening for

EVPs I'm listening for an audible

response now there are some EVPs that

can be actual noise sounds like you know

a door slamming or gunshot or some kind

of thud that is technically an EVP too

but that's a little bit harder to prove

because there's no way because it's not

a visual there's no way to really know

what was in the surrounding areas unless

you were there

so if I'm playing that for you guys

you know I preface it by saying you know

who is there and whatever but it's hard

to prove because there's no visual

evidence of it it's just an audio

recording and I could've banged my hands

up against the wall to make the noise

and you would never know the difference

so those can be caught but I want to

talk mainly about the voice part of it

now I mentioned class A's and class B’s I

want a direct response

people come to me and play things for me

do you hear that and yeah it sounds like

there's something there but I can't make

out what they're saying I don't know and

if it's on the recorder itself I'll end

it a little bit more credibility to it

because I know it hasn't been ran

through the filters I don't know what

kind of compression

you know the very limited compression

done on a digital recorder so those

things can affect the audio and

sometimes cause things to sound a little

funky when really it's not paranormal

it's just a piece of background noise that

got compressed and ran through a filter

and it sounds like something so you have

to be very very careful of this so but I

want an actual response if it's not an

actual response to the question that was

asked or some kind of word that might be

relevant to what was asked or the

conversation going on at the time that's

what I want

I mean if it's you're asking a question

that say just for argument's sake is

there anybody here with me today and all

sudden you hear a voice sound like it

says purple you know that's not a you

know that's not a direct response to the

questions I don't know what it is it's

paranormal for the fact that I don't

know what it is but I'm not going to say

it's an intelligent spirit trying to

communicate when it's just spitting out

random shit at me so I don't want to use

that and I don't play that or I don't I

won't mention that kind of evidence on

this show or when I'm doing an

investigation review I I'm not going to

use it because it's not relevant it's

interesting but it's not 100% proof

which is no 100% proof but it's not

credible proof to me I want an

intelligent response to the actual

question I asked at the time so that's

what I want now I've gotten these I've

had it happen in its where I've been on

multiple of dozens upon dozens of


I've done hundreds of EVP sessions which

is a digital recorder and for me I can

just say I've gotten maybe ten or so

actual EVPs that go okay there 

might be something there now there's

probably been thirty to forty to fifty

that okay that sounds like sort of

something there but I'm just not I can't

prove it in one way or the other it's

too faint it could be some kind of sound


from a distance so I'm not going to

represent that as possible evidence I

want a legitimate response like for we

were at a place that and I can't mention

the place at this time but they want to

kind of keep it low down just for a mere

fact they don't want investigators were

running over the place and them wasting

their time but I asked a question I

think I might have even mentioned it on

the podcast before might even played it

on the pockets before I don't know I

couldn't find it in my archives of EVPs

because uh with the move some things out

and messed up and I'm still searching

for the USB Drive of some past

investigations but I received a

legitimate response from a direct

question that I asked now just to kind

of shed some light on and tell you about

this how it was set up we were a small

room that led into the cause of the

closet door was open in people had were

really experienced a lot of stuff there

had had feelings or negative feelings

like there was possibly something a

little darker there so I was coming at

it from the way or come from the

thinking that okay there might be

something evil here so let's ask a

question that as it if it was not a

demon but more of a human spirit that

might have been kind of a dick in real

life so I asked the question did you do

something when you're alive that was

illegal or did you do bad stuff during

your life I'm paraphrasing a little bit

but that was the gist of

and I got a legitimate yes it was a

direct Class A which I'm not big on the

classes like I said but it was a yes it

answered my questions now what was it

coincidental it was just some kind of

noise that made it sound like yes

possibly and I caught that during the

investigation because I kind of played

it played it back and listened to it and

you know so I left a recorder there for

the rest of the evening and nothing I

think for like two hours I shouldn't say

the rest of the evening I left it there

for approximately about two hours and

wasn't a damn thing there there was no

other footsteps caught no other knocks

it was just a response to a question now

I count that as to me impressive piece

of evidence just for the minute back and

hit all my criteria now other

investigators have different criteria

when I come evp’s I'm a little bit more

strict or I'm a little bit more picky

when it comes to EVPs just for effect I

don't want to have to deal with all the

bullshit I want it to be clear where I

can definitely make out a word that is a

response to the question asked and I

wanted to get it verified by other

people that they hear the exact same

thing because we've all watched the

shows where they've been doing one of

those sessions and they say you hear

something weird and it's an EVP and then

they basically tell you what they think

it says then they play it back and you

hear there's a reason why you hear when

once they tell you for I've done other

episodes talking about this phenomenon

but you have to be very careful with it

if that is why whenever I do that I 

an investigation whether it be an EVP

session or Ghost Box session I'll hear

something and I'll play for somebody or

said - Ghost Box session and something

comes across Ghost Box and I won't say

well I thought it said I asked what did

you hear because I want to know if they

heard what I hear now if I could say to

say this new you Satan for instance I've

had I'm starting to get a complex

I think Satan's following me around

because every time I'm on an


the ghost box spits up Satan I'm kind of

starting to get a little worried I'm

joking but you understand why I'm saying

and the last bit investigation I went on

and I will cover that in our future on

the hunt but I was we were doing a

Ghost Box session just mean

another investigator and the word Satan

came across this box and I didn't say oh

it just has taken no I said we can't

look at each other said did you hear did

you hear that I asked the person what

did it say and I said I think it said

Satan I said okay we're in line heard

it too it's just not me filtering things

out to make it sound like Satan since

I'm always getting it on those box I

don't get an EVP so that's what's weird

never gotten Satan an EVP just during

the Ghost Box session and the funny

thing is when you play that back on say

recording or anything I don't hear it

the three times I've gotten the word

Satan on a ghost box I didn't hear it on

the recording but I heard it clear as

day during the actual session with my

own ears

but the recordings didn't show up so

that is the problem with most of these

recording devices and that is a problem

with most of the equipments and things

such as the Ghost Box you don't really

know what to do with it sometimes but

anyway I'm kind of getting off-topic but

let's get back to EVPs I want them to be

credible I want them to be actual words

that you don't have to tell me what it

says I mean I'm not gonna say that every

little noise or for instance somebody's

maybe let them want me to listen to

something and they were doing a session

and I was listening to it and I could

hear it sounded like whispering in the

background but I couldn't make out what

it was and I'm and the problem is it was

on investigation it was with other

people in the 

Location and sound does travel and when

you have five six seven people that are

spread out you can sometimes pick up on

some of that stuff so it's hard to

filter out true EVPs in that

situation the last investigation I

went on there's a big building

we had like ten people and I went

downstairs to do I went in the basement

with a concrete basement sound shouldn't

travel very very well I wanted to do a

session in a room where there was a

suicide and I started the session and

all the way down down the stairs and

down the hallway I could hear the people

in what we were using as home base I can

hear him talking I could hear him

laughing clear as day and I wanted to

listen to the recording because I wanted

to hear what the recorder picked up and

could have played it and said hey that

look at this great EVP I can't

understand what the same that are the

forces here that is the problem with

investigational or paranormal teams if

you don't have a really good control

over the team and everybody on the same

page you can get a lot of bleed through

and a lot of noise pollution essentially

and it's hard to filter out because I

don't have time I'm not I don't do it

for a living so I can't spend ten hours

immediately following the investigation

to actually go through the evidence so I

have to go back a day two days later and

go through the countless hours of

footage and audio that I have and so I

can't always remember who was where and

what time so it's hard to do in I have

probably thrown out a lot of possible

EVPs just for the fact that I can't 100%

sure I certainly know exactly where

everybody was on the investigation the

more do because I'm starting to think

it's almost best to be a one-man show

that way I know it's not another team

member doing or making the noise so

it's really just hard to do it and

that's something we all have to be very

conscious of is the noise pollution in

the area that you're investigating now I

want to play this clip that I caught now

like I said this was an actual interview

raw interview that I did with Reverend

Connell he let me set it up he's a

demonologist and Exorcist it was for

episodes ago I did a three-part episode

of demons in the demonology and I wanted

him to come he came on and kind of gave

his expertise and told us about his

Experiences as an exorcist

so I didn't hear anything through

the headphones while I was I had him on

the phone recording the interview

his wife was there because I could hear

her from time to time in the background

so I was like okay and I really didn't

think much about it so when I and it

came to editing the actual for the

episode we talked for like two hours I

think of about an hour and 30 hour and

40 minutes of actual recording I was

going to break it down into two episodes

which I did first episode of ideas like

30 minutes and then or 45 minutes

something like that and then I the

following week was the remainder of the

episode in the first episode I didn't I

just basically edited the first half

down and released it didn't hear

anything weird that I know or I didn't

catch anything weird so I was getting

ready to produce the second episode so I

was going through the latter part of the

interview I didn't know introduction but

I always play it out and cut things out

before I actually do any kind of noise

reduction and any compression or any

filtering and whatsoever so I was

listening for things to cut out or what

I want to remove from for the episode I

came across something a few different

things but one of them it sounded like a

female and like I said you could hear

his wife in the background it didn't

sound like her

it sounds it was a different tone to her

vote to this females voice and then the

next one was right before he was

starting to talk and it actually

understand what I was saying so I'm not

saying there's a great piece of evidence

but it's just weird and it was really

freaky and the tone of it and the

texture for lack of a better word kind

of sense you know I got the hair

standing up on the what little hair I

have on the back of my head you know my

neck and I was like wow okay that's

creepy that's weird and with what we

were talking about at that particular

part of the interview I was like

Oh shit this could be serious because

let's face it he's a demonologist he's

an actual reverend he's an exorcist he

has performed dozens I don't remember

the exact number go back to the episode

and listened and he says exactly how

many exorcisms he's done and I'm

thinking if anybody could pick up per

kid of an attachment and probably at a

nasty attachment it is a Exorcist

because they're casting out some raunchy

shit so I'm thinking wow I mean might

have an attachment I mean they're like

well I guess it could be me I did this

interview at my old home where my studio

was set up the original studio and

you've heard me talk about it there was

activity that house so I mean it's

saying it could be on my end but I have

caught maybe one or two things in my

recordings of a podcast that are

possibly EVP type stuff or just weird

noises when I know the surroundings and

I know it's not but it really was

anything worth really mentioning them in

any way but this was kind of this kind

of gave me that eerie feeling so what I

did I went ahead and filtered it out it

doesn't it's not in the episode but I

contacted Reverend Connell I said hey

I know your wife was there so I'm

sending you three clips

that are you know that I put out the

first one I know is your wife the second

one I'm not sure it could be but I want

your opinion in the third one I don't

know what it is a much opinion what it

is I sent it to him to listen to it and

give me his opinion I sent it to a

friend of mine it was pretty good about

the heifer has a really good hear when

it comes evp's and Reverend Connell got

back with me he said you know what the

first one definitely is my wife the

second one I don't know you know I also

fast made sure who was in the home with

him I was nobody was at the home I was

as it was just me he said his wife was

there as daughter was and so was this

him and his wife so he said it doesn't

sound like her at all I don't know I

like the one thing I can't say 100 percent

it wasn't her but if you held a gun

to my head I would probably say it

wasn't her there it might have been

somebody else or something else but that

third one he said that is weird in that

is creepy because it sounds sinister it

sounds like he and whatever was was not

happy with either one of us I'm kind of

going oh I'll go out on a limb and say

it was him but it was really really

creepy so that is what I'm going to play

for you now

the first thing you'll hear will be

basically the control of his wife the

second one is the weird kind of female

thing and the third is the actual creepy

thing that originally caught my

attention and kind of gave me some goose

bumps oh almost forgot I'll talk about

that when we come back so we give it a


this is a better way of putting yes I

mean but I would say if I had to say if

you had to provide the narrow down I

would say both that I would go more of

mental strength you have to be confident

but um you can be confident but still

not firmly believe in your beat and be

strong I think if you used that against

you in a way have you found that I

haven't seen that's I know exactly what

you're saying right because I would

think they would use you know you're

using every trick in your book I would

think there

okay I want you to let me know what you

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ghosts in the night podcast at

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these EVPs or let me know what you think

they say you can send me that email or

follow me on Twitter at night underscore

ghosts send me a direct message let me

know what you think

I mean Reverend connell have an

attachment I think it's very possible I

mean in his line of work and what he has

done I'd be more surprised that if he

didn't have something lingering around

you know but I think it's very possible

that I could - I mean I'm not big into

the demon world

I'm not all that worried about

attachments I honestly don't stress

about it I think the more you

fear the more energy you give it the

more likely you are to have an

attachment so I don't fear them I don't

get them any credence to my life and I

don't worry about it I just don't I mean

it's really fascinating I'm not saying

any of it

is legitimate it's interesting like I

said it's not direct responses I've had

people listen to it say they could hear

the word dead or something to that

effect I don't hear it I don't I can't

understand what it's saying

it just sounds creepy and kind of pissed

off to me so let me know what you think

but that is kind of gonna wrap up this

episode about EVPs and summery you just

need to be careful with EVPs because

you're I'm big on your brain can or your

mind can play tricks on you and cause

you to hear things that you want to hear

if you you know so you have to be very

very careful I don't like to get other

people's opinions per se but especially

before I form an opinion because I don't

want them to influence what I think so

I'm when I do give a piece of evidence

like that to somebody to give me their

opinion I'm looking for them to

I maybe agree with me or disagree

whatever I'm looking for justification I

don't understand  you know I don't know now

are these things actual spirits

interacting with this is this kind of a

thin spot in between multiverses where

we're kind of hearing something on a

different wave or there's bleed through

from the multiverse so it could be just

a conversation or voice from another

dimension that we're just picking up or

is it actually a spirit of a dead person

trying to get a message across let me

know what you think like I said ghost in

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I'm hoping to have I had to postpone an

interview because of some stuff that

came up I'm hoping to get that interview

done in the next couple of weeks it's

really fascinating because I'm you know

it's paranormal just not ghosts it's not

spirits is this not the world it's just

not heaven in hell there's so much to

the paranormal and I want to tap into

all that I'm really interested in some

of these multiverse and holographic type

world simulation type that we're living

in a hologram or whatever I'm fascinated

by this stuff because I think it ties in

it could tie all end together aliens


all paranormal there's a possibility it

all might tie in together and so I'm

gonna just start diving into that a

little bit more on the podcast and I

have a great interview scheduled but I

had it in schedule I had to cancel

because of a situation that arose here

at my home but I'm hoping to get that

back on the books and do that in the

next week or so so if you're listening

to the podcast you know who are I will

get with you you have a story you want

to share

reach out tell me your ghost story

because I am gonna do an episode where

I'm going to talk about a few things

that people have asked me and some

advice that I've given and I think it's

worth talking about here in the near

future as well so until next week

take care everybody

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