Paranormal Smartphone Apps- Do they actually work?

Episode #39

Paranormal Smartphone Apps

Do they actually work?


If you have followed me for any amount of time, you then know I’m not a massive fan of all of this high tech paranormal equipment that is floating out there in the field these days.

The invention of smartphones has connected us to the world like never before.  In our pockets, we have unlimited access to information.  Many apps are available to make our lives easier.  With the popularity of the paranormal these days, naturally, entrepreneurs have created apps to assist in finding and communicating with ghosts.

Do these apps work?

To answer this question, I’ve put them to the test on a few of my investigation and in my own home over the past few months.

 If I'm honest, I came into this little experiment skeptical.  I felt there was no way these things could be effective, and they were truly for entertainment purposes.  I think the only tools a person needs while on a paranormal investigation is a video camera, still photo camera, digital recorder, and most importantly themselves.  Personal experiences are the best gauge of paranormal activity as long a the investigator can use rational and critical thinking.

However, I understand the need to use technology to assist in proving the afterlife or explaining what is actually behind the paranormal activity that people experience.  Yes, it all can help us, but how we use it and interpret the findings is crucial. 

With all that being said, I can not get behind these ghost hunting apps for real investigating purposes.

Some people swear by these ghost hunting apps

I’ve seen and have had conversations with people that swear by these apps.  They all feel that they are have interaction with the other side by how and what the devices spit out.  I’m not saying they are wrong or crazy by any stretch. 

There could be a few reasons for this; maybe they are just connecting dots that aren’t there because their brains want to believe they are having a conversation with the dead.

One thing I’ve been thinking about is that if a person is a sensitive or psychic medium, then maybe these apps can pick up on something.  I have no way to prove this, but it’s just a thought.

Kinds of ghost hunting apps

There are several different kinds of ghost hunting apps.  They range from spirit box apps, word bank type apps, and the infamous ghost radar apps.

Ghost radar, of those three, is by far the app that it’s a waste or your time.  So, don’t even bother with them unless you want a good laugh. 

Spirit box type apps are a little bit different.  They are pretty much the same as a regular spirit box.  If you believe and have success with those, then the apps might work for you as well.  However, just using a standard spirit box or ghost box would be better, in my opinion.

The word bank type apps are where it gets tricky.  The theory is the device has a word back that spirits can manipulate and pick out words to communicate.  The validity of these type pieces of equipment is undoubtedly in questions.

I would prefer to have a spirit leave a message on a recorder or whisper it in my ear.  That would be better for me.  It’s not out of the question to think the ovilus or the ovilus type smartphones apps are nothing more than random word generators. 

My findings

Giving these apps a solid try in the field, I’ve made my decision on if these apps are a load of crap or a helpful tool.  It’s no surprise when I say, I’m not a fan, and they are for entertainment only.  I can’t say that anything that comes thru an app is even remotely proof of spirit interaction. 

However, if you’re bored on an investigation; knock yourself out. 





















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