Demonology Review

Episode 43

Demonology Review

The topic of demon and demonology is a complicated subject with several twists and turns.  I've covered a lot of information regarding demons in my previous three episodes.  I want to do a review episode and cover a few of the most important topics.

Some of the essential highlights I discuss are knowing the difference between a regular old haunting and actual demonic activity.  Second, understanding demons can affect everyone; it doesn't matter what religion you practice. 

The main talking point is how to handle yourself when you think you might have a demon in your home or location.  Mindset is so fundamental in life, and when you encounter paranormal activity.  Combating a demon is no different.  Being in a positive and strong state of mind will help anyone trying to fight off some demonic entity.  

Being strong is your best defense.  Fear will only give a demon strength.  When a person has a strong mind and spirit, they are in the best possible position to battle any demonic spirit.  Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee victory, but it will give you a fighting chance.  

Lastly, I want to make sure everyone listening to this podcast understands; they should fight this battle alone.  If you feel like things are spiraling out of control, find someone or a group with experience with dealing with demons and let them help you overcome this situation.

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