Demonic Scratches

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Demonic Scratches


The other day after a long hard day at work, I walked in the door and proceeded to do my usual after work routine.  I sat in my chair to decompress before hopping in the shower and grabbing a bite to eat.

After a few moments, I noticed a slight discomfort on my calf.  It wasn’t pain, but more of a slight burning sensation.  I lifted my jeans to see if it was a spider or something.  I really couldn’t see anything due to the placement.

So, I stood up and tried to maneuver myself to see the back of my calf.  When I finally was able to see the area where the discomfort was coming from, I was shocked to see three scratches going down the back of my calf.

My firsts thought was what the heck happened here.  I didn’t have an itch; there was no scratching going on.  I know, for sure, I didn’t run into anything throughout the day. 

My next thought went immediately to holy crap; I finally have my first experience with demonic scratches.  However, the scratches are so low on my leg what the heck could’ve caused them.  Must have been a demonic chihuahua.

Honestly, do you believe that some pissed off demonic chihuahua or some little demon scratched my leg?

When it comes to those scratches that we all have seen on Ghosts Adventures or other paranormal shows, they keep telling us three scratches are the work of some sinister demon trying to lash out at us as paranormal investigators

Is this a fact or just creative storytelling to increase viewers interest in their “paranormal” shows.  We’ve all heard ghost hunter, and so-called demon expert Zak Bagans refer to three scratches as a demon mocking the holy trinity.

Is this fact or just a hypothesis of the way this event occurs? 

Here are my thoughts about demonic scratches

Now, I understand the thinking behind this concept. However, some scratches are just scratches.  It has nothing to do with heaven, and hell or demon’s trying to scare us or bring us over to the dark side.

It’s just a freaking scratch!  Our brains are computing so much information throughout the day; maybe some of these experiences fall through the cracks, and we don’t entirely remember them happening to us.

My haunted home

Yes, the house that I currently live in has had some exciting activity occur.  However, now that I think about it, it’s been a while since I’ve noticed or experienced anything.  So, I’m not entirely discounting the fact that the scratches that appeared on my leg could be the work of some spirit trying to get my attention or just pissed cause I’m watching some boring documentary on television.

The term demon is overused

Either way, it doesn’t mean it’s the work of the devil or some demon doing his bidding by marking me.  Frankly, I’m just not that important.

The term demon gets thrown around way too much.  Just because something bad happens or you have a sick feeling in the pit of your stomach doesn’t mean a demon or dark entity is trying to take over your body and mind.

Frankly, that is a cop out in most cases. Your mind is just trying to justify being scared.

If not demonic scratches, then what is it

Now I haven’t had any real dark spirit in my home, that I know. Therefore, I’m going to go out on a limb and say these weren’t demonic scratches.

When I felt and noticed the marks on my calf, I felt no paranormal activity around me. I didn’t sense anything at all, and it just seemed to be a regular old night at the Sams’s residence.

I can’t say what caused the scratches to appear.  Maybe it was a ghost trying to get my attention, but I’m not 100 percent sure of anything.

Things happen that we don’t understand and don’t know why they happen.  However, that doesn’t mean it’s a demon trying to attack you.  Maybe it is a spirit, but it probably isn’t a demon.  People generally always jump to the things that scare them the most when they don’t understand what has happened.