Demonic Protection- A Conversation with Rev. L. J. Connell



Demonic Protection- A Conversation with Rev. L. J. Connell

I recently had a conversation with Demonologist and exorcist Rev. L. J. Connell.

We discussed the demonology and how to identify possible demonic activity and how to protect yourself before and after a possible attack.  This episode is the first part of our conversation, and next week, I'll share more of our discussion.

Identifying Demonic Activity

Knowing If you’re struggling with a demonic entity or just a standard spirit haunting is challenging, but the most crucial task when encountering activity.

However, there are some signs to look for when experiencing some paranormal activity.

·         Trust your gut.  If you feel that you are dealing with something demonic, then it’s best to prepare like you are interacting with a demon.

·         Poltergeist activity- Items moving around your home or at you

·         Health issues or feeling drain along with other items on this list

·         Oozing walls or weird liquid coming out of place it shouldn’t

·         Dark voices saying things to depress you

·         Scratches or other markings on your body

Protection from Demons

Rev. Connell said something outstanding when talking about protecting yourself from a demonic attack; the best defense is a good offense.

I agree with this statement.  Being prepared for the worst-case scenario is always smart.  I feel strength is critical.  Some people will say faith is most important when interacting with demonic forces.  I don’t disagree, but you must have strength in your faith; otherwise, the demon will have the upper hand.

Demons will go after the weak before the strong.  Their purpose in this realm is to send as many souls to hell as possible.  It’s only smart to start with weaker pray, and they move up the ladder to the stronger ones. 

Keep mentally strong and always stay focused.  We all have stress and moments of weakness but limiting those times will help to keep you safe, or at least give you a fighting chance. 

Some people place value in religious items.  If that’s where you find your strength, then have at it.  However, If you’re not an overly religious person, you can still use anything that puts you in the right frame of mind and makes you feel strong mentally and physically. 

Document your activity

If you have any paranormal activity, it’s always smart to document that activity.  This way, you have a better idea of what is interacting with you.  Set up a camera to catch any poltergeist activity.  Use a digital recorder; whatever is haunting your home might be trying to communicate with you.  Keeping a journal will help analysis the activity and might even show some patterns that you might otherwise miss. 

If you want some excellent paranormal equipment, I recommend using GhostStop.  This is where I purchase my records and other pieces of equipment. Click on their image to go check them out.  This is my affiliate link and a great way to support the podcast.

Rev. Connell links:

follow him on Twitter @dcoutlet

He is doing a research study and is looking for documented evidence of the paranormal phenomenon.  Please get in touch with him if you would like to contribute.



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