Black-Eyed Children

Episode #38

Black-Eyed Children

Society is filled with urban legends.  Most people enjoy the adrenaline rush when they get frightened or scared.  That's why scary movies are so popular.  Black-eyed Children are one of the most famous urban legends floating on the internet today.  This episode discusses whether they are fact or just a scary story.

Black-eyed children: scary story or urban legend

Most people love that feeling of being scared.  Therefore, scary movie and urban legends have gained such popularity throughout history. 


The answer is both.  Black-eyed children are a scary story and have morphed into an urban legend.  However, neither one of these options means the story is real or fake.

Urban legends hold a special place in our society because they put us smack dab in the middle of a scary movie type situation even if it's only in our minds.  In most cases, these legends are told or passed down from person to person as true stories or events.

It is prevalent for a person to hear of one of these legends from a friend that knows somebody that witnessed some scary monster or odd happening.

The blacked eyed children story

One night you might be sitting on the couch; watching some late-night program or infomercial.  Suddenly, you hear a knock at the door.  The first instinct would be to think, who would be here at such a late hour.

When you open the door, two children will be standing there want to come inside.  The kids will have some reason why they want to gain access to your home. 

At a glance, the children will be between the ages of twelve and sixteen.  Their skin is very pale, and they tend to be dressed inappropriately.  Sometimes not wearing a coat in colder weather, and often their clothes will seem outdated as well.

Whatever you do, do not let these kids inside your house or car.  Once you do, bad things might be in your future, according to some of the accounts when people have done that very thing.

In one story, a couple let the black-eyed children inside their home, and the kids’ kept saying their parents were on the way. Both kids started to walk down the hallway and suddenly disappeared. 

After this scary encounter, the couple feels ill shortly after.

Where it all began

The black-eyed children first made their appearance on the internet in 1996 by Brain Bethal.  Bethal was a journalist by trade.  He tells of an encounter in a parking lot when some children knocked on his car window and want to get in his car.

Brain decline the kids request because something was just off with all of them.  This is when he notices the solid black lifeless eyes of the children.  As he pulled off, he saw the kids were gone.

Was this an actual event or just a story thought up by the journalist?

Some people think because of his chosen profession; this must be a true story; since it’s the job of a journalist to report facts.  That is a small way to think.  Writers are creative and have been known to dwell in the fantasy world from time to time.

Black-eyed kids and the internet

There is no doubt the internet can be a swamp of nonsense.  So, you have to be careful when researching the topic.  My best advice would be to take all of it with a grain of salt.

However, if you look hard enough, you can find useful information.  In an article on liveaboutdotcom by Stephen Wagner, he tackles the truthfulness of these encounters.  None of these stories have conclusive evidence to back them up. 

It’s important to understand when a person hears the story of the black-eyed children or another urban legend; the mind can start to look for those types of situations.  Therefore, when you see some kids out later than they should be, you can get a little creeped out, and basically, the mind can connect dots that aren’t even there.  This only builds the legend that much more.

Final Thoughts

The question is, do I believe these sinister kids are real or not.  Honestly, my first response would be no, but with all of my experiences in the paranormal field, I can rule them out.  I know that there are things we can’t or will never be able to explain.

I feel these witnesses see something.  However, if it’s a situation of the mind playing tricks, I’m not sure.  I’m a must-see kind of person, so for me to get behind this urban legend, fully I must hear that not on my door one evening.

















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