Amityville Horror and Lorraine Warren

Episode #35

Amityville Horror and Lorraine Warren

With the recent passing of Lorraine Warren, I wanted to devote a whole episode to some of her and Ed's paranormal cases.

The Warren name has been a staple in the paranormal community for years.  They have investigated up to 10,000 cases, and some of them are the most famous haunted cases in history.

In this episode, I focus on the Amityville house.  This case is probably the most well-known of all the cases that they have worked on or investigated.  

I discuss the murder case that sparked the legend of this house, and then I cover the Lutz family experiences that sparked the Movies.  After the Lutz family shared their claims of extreme paranormal activity, the Warren's started to get involved and investigate the hauntings at this home.

The Amityville horror house story starts with the DeFeo family and the horrific events of November 13, 1974.  In the early morning hours, Ronnie DeFeo Jr. shot and killed every member of his family.  Ronnie confessed to the crime the next day, and it appeared to be an open and shut case, but is it?

There are several confusing gaps in the story.  They range from, no neighbor hearing or waking from the gunshots, all of the victims found in the same position and not trying to flee, and the speed in which the Ronnie committed these horrible murders.

I talk about all of these and some other interesting details and narratives.

The house was then purchased by the Lutz family, and this is where the paranormal activity begins.  After only 28 days the Lutz’s leaving the house because of the fear of the activity that is haunting the family.

Naturally, the Ed and Lorraine Warren get involved and immediately start speaking of demonic infestations.

So, is this the most haunted and evil house in the world or just a house with a tragic past and people that want to profit off of a horrifying story?



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