The Lowdown on Astral Projection

Episode # 19

The Lowdown on Astral Projection

In this episode of Ghosts in The Night, I have a discussion with Melissa Cummins for The Haunted Ride.

We talked about several things, and the conversation went a bit longer than I usually go.  So, I'm splitting this up into two different podcasts.

Part One

The first part of our talk is all about astral projection.  Now, I admit not knowing a whole lot about this topic.  Hence, why I brought Melissa on the podcast today.

Melissa has a whole lot of experience with astral projection. She explains what projection is and goes into detail about how and what the benefits and downside of astral projection.

Next Week

Next weeks episode will be the second part of our conversation.  Melissa and I tackle the subject of witchcraft.  It was truly a good time.  So, tune in next week.

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