Paranormal Debunking

Episode #18

Paranormal Debunking

In this episode of Ghosts in The Night, we are talking paranormal debunking.

Debunking evidence collected during a is job number one for any paranormal investigator.  Focusing on paranormal debunking is the only accurate way to find answers regarding ghosts and the afterlife

Paranormal Debunking

Using science to solve or debunk any paranormal active caught on an investigation is essential.  In most cases, there is a rational explanation for those footsteps or that light anomaly.  Our job is to do our best to separate the just plain weird from the paranormal.

This is how we come closer to proving the existence of spirits that interact with the living.

2 Ways to prepare for a Paranormal investigation

When I am preparing for an investigation, I like to focus on two things to make sure I'm in the right frame of mind to debunk evidence.

First, always be neutral when coming into a paranormal investigation.  This will keep investigators honest during their investigations.

Second, always approach investigation like a skeptic.  Going into an investigation with this mindset will help you question and possibly debunk borderline evidence, which will put you one step closer to finding high-quality paranormal evidence.

Paranormal investigation equipment

Using scientific equipment is very beneficial when doing an investigation.  However, none of them truly detect ghost or spirits.  All of these instruments have specific scientific functions.

The paranormal investigator uses these types of instruments to document spirits interacting with the living world.

Now, the paranormal is all about explaining the inexpiable.  Naturally, we should use scientific equipment to prove or disprove any paranormal theories.

Final thoughts

In my opinion, the best way to approach the paranormal is to approach any haunted location or paranormal activity with a skeptical mindset.

Even if you are a true believer, always be skeptical until you can not find a reasonable explanation for the paranormal activity.  Paranormal debunking is the only way to weed through the BS; which will get us closer to that piece of evidence that moves us closer to finding the answers about the spirit world.

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