Thornhaven Manor Investigation

Episode #10

Thornhaven Manor Investigation

In this episode, I discuss my time spent investigating at Thornhaven Manor in New Castle, Indiana.

This old farmhouse has been said to be one of the most haunted locations in America.  Is this the case?  That's precisely what I'll talk about today.

About Thornhaven

Thornhaven Manor has a reputation of being an extremely haunted location.

Several of the paranormal groups from all around have spent time there.

Thornhaven Manor has also been featured on Ghosts Adventures a few years back.  This episode might have sparked the paranormal frenzy that has surrounded this old house.

Is it as haunted as advertised?

That is really up for debate, in my mind, at this point.  I was somewhat disappointed with my time there.  Personal experiences were very few and far between.

Combing through the audio and video files is very difficult because there was a lot of noise contamination from others in different parts of the home.

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