The Problem with Public Paranormal Investigations

Episode # 7

 The Problem with Public Paranormal Investigations

In this episode of Ghosts in The Night, I discuss a recent public paranormal investigation that I attended.

Public Paranormal Investigation

Now, these types of investigation do serve a purpose, but they make it extremely hard to capture any evidence due to noise contamination.

However, we did have fun and had an exciting ghost box session; which I played a little piece of it in this podcast.

Poasttown Elementary

The school is older and has had reports of activity for years.  Several paranormal groups flock there to find evidence of the afterlife.

Now, some groups even hold a public paranormal investigation and sell tickets.

These events can be crowded or only have a few attendees.  Now, as a paranormal investigator, I've come to realize these types of paranormal investigation make it extremely hard to capture any useful evidence of ghostly activity.

Let's face it, catching evidence is the goal, so if you can't trust your recorded evidence then what's the point to go on this type of paranormal investigation

Positive Side of Public Investigation

The public investigation does have a positive side;  these investigations can and will get people involved and can grow the popularity of the paranormal field.

More people investigating means a better chance of catching evidence that can't be denied.

I don't plan on investigating these type of events anymore because my goal is to put myself in the best possible position to catch paranormal evidence.

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