Susan E. Rogers

Episode #14

My Conversation with Susan E. Rogers

This episode, I have a fascinating conversation with Author and psychic medium Susan E. Rogers.

Susan's new book, Uncovering Norman:  Proving the Former Life of a Ghost, dives into her spirit guide, Norman, and how he first made contact with her.

However, unlike most, Susan E. Rogers takes it one step further and actually does extensive research and finds evidence of Norman life when he was alive.

From her research and all the information that Norman has given her, Norman was an actual person that did spend time on this Earth.  Also, the two of them have been linked in past lives.

In one life, Susan E. Rogers and Norman were brother and sister.  Since they missed each other's lives this time, Norman showed up as her spirit guide to help and lead her.

Final thoughts

I truly enjoyed our conversation and hoped to have her on again in the future.

You will want to get Susan Rogers' book and follow her and Norman's journey.

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