Paranormal Experiences

Episode # 6

Paranormal Experiences

In this episode of Ghosts in The Night I discuss two private investigations I recently attended. Both locations produced several personal paranormal experiences.
However, visual and audio evidence was limited, but all in all, both were excellent.

Investigation # 1

This was an interesting investigation for several reasons. First, it just wasn’t one location, but rather a series of cabin-like buildings.

Due to the number of people on this investigation made catching evidence extremely difficult. So, I had to rely on many of my personal experiences.

The only real good piece of evidence that I could find while reviewing the evidence was an EVP with an intelligent response to a question that was asked.
Each building was different, and some had more of a creepy feeling than others. In one building I shall, what appeared to be a shadow figure moving in front of the window which blocked some of the moonlight.

This was noticed by two other investigators and EMF spikes when the shadow figure was present.

Investigation # 2

This was an investigation I was looking forward too. I genuinely love being inside and investigating old plantation type homes. Located deep in Kentucky made for a bit of a drive but being there was well worth the trip.

Now, I don’t claim to be sensitive or empath but walking into certain rooms cause me to feel things like pressure and even a bit of nausea.

Early in the investigation, there was an investigator scratched and three visible marks were left behind.

I had my full name spoken through a spirit box. Whenever you first and the last name come through, it peeks your attention.

My Personal Experience

Later, in the investigation, I had my cheek touch ever so lightly. After checking the video, no bug or any reasonable explanation could be found. What made this interesting was the fact that I physically felt terrible a few moments after this experience.

Activity seems to shut off around 3 o’clock, and that pretty much was it for this particular paranormal investigation.

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