Ohio Haunting's

Episode # 5

Ohio Haunting's

In episode #5 of Ghosts In The Night we discuss haunted places that can you can find in the state of Ohio

Ohio Haunting's

The state of Ohio is no stranger to the paranormal.  There are haunted locations throughout the entire state.  So, it was a chore to narrow down the list to three.

Now, I did leave out some locations like The Ohio State Reformatory in Mansfield many because it has been covered and investigated by everybody and their brother.

I wanted to focus on lesser known haunted locations.

Majestic Theater

Chillicothe, Ohio is home to the oldest continuously operated theater in the country.

This theater is no stranger to tragedy, in 1918 it had to be used as a temporary morgue because of a Spanish flu epidemic in a nearby town.

The Majestic Theater is full of activity that ranges from EVP's, disembodied voice, ghostly figures walking and watching actors and even a fog or mist that moves throughout the theater.

Sadamsville Rectory

This Rectory is well known, and Ghosts Adventures has filmed an episode there along with several other paranormal shows.  I put it on the list due to the amount and type of activity that has been reported.

Some people feel this rectory is occupied by some demonic entity.  Doors slamming, some objects move or found in different parts of the building and even spirits scratching people are some of the paranormal activity that you can find.

Higginsport Elementary

Higginsport Elementary is an abandoned school in the small town of Higginsport on the banks of the Ohio River.

Since it's closure, in 1987, it has become home to break-ins, graffiti and spirit activity.

Some people in the field have stated this school might be the most haunted location in all of Ohio.  Footsteps are typical along with disembodied voice.

Higginsport Elementary is sure to satisfy you paranormal thirst.

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