Investigating a Haunted Railroad Tunnel


Investigating a Haunted Railroad Tunnel

In this episode, I discuss my time spend in two abandon haunted railroad tunnels.

Plus as a bonus, I've recorded a ghost box session in one of the tunnels.  This session was very interesting, we received some interesting replies and had some weird things happen during this session.


I went along with Frankie from the Cincinnati Ghost Chasers to two tunnels in southern Ohio.  First on our stop was Moonville tunnel.  This tunnel is popular among paranormal investigators and hikers.

Moonville Tunnel

Moonville is often visited by hikers and nature lovers.  Therefore, investigating and capturing paranormal evidence can be tricky.  Luckily, traffic was light during our time at this old haunted railroad tunnel.

Unfortunately, we didn't get much spirit interaction during our time there other than some light and questionable ghost box response.  I need to revisit Moonville to make a decision about the haunted activity at this tunnel.

King's Tunnel

Next on our journey, was King's tunnel.  We decided to hit up this tunnel at the last moment since we weren't too far away — the choice to go paid off.

We heard several strange noises and seemed to have some interaction with a few spirits.  This haunted railroad tunnel will make my list of places I must return too and investigate further to try and find some paranormal answers.

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Phillip Sams