Importance of Being Skeptical

Episode # 4

Importance of Being Skeptical

Most people overlook or forget about the importance of being skeptical while conducting a paranormal investigating.

Simply put, skeptical investigating is more about believing in the paranormal but looking at the evidence or any experiences through a skeptical filter.


Trying to debunk any evidence or claim is crucial to finding truly paranormal evidence.  In most cases, there is typically a rational explanation for most evidence or experiences.  As an investigator, your goal is to weed out the just weird from the paranormal.

Not Everything is paranormal

Maintaining a skeptical mindset is difficult because as a paranormal investigator you, in most cases, believe in the ghost or the spirit world.  So, naturally, we tend to lean towards the paranormal in most cases.  Once you start to head down that road, it can lead to sloppy investigating which only hurts the credibility of the field.

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