Evil in The Ghostbox


Evil in The Ghost box

In this episode of Ghosts in The Night, I want to pose a question.  How much does the fact that our minds can play tricks on us from time to time affect how we perceive the paranormal activity.

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I've had the please to talk to some to some great people here lately.  I want to thank every one of them for their time.

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Evil in the ghost box

So, after my last investigation, I started thinking about how our minds can control and dictate the paranormal activity that we experience.

In a ghost box session, we had and sinister response pretty early on in the session.  We were investigating Rohs Opera house for the second time.  Our first investigation there was full of activity.

However, this go-around seemed to be less active for some reason.  After a short time, we proceeded to conduct a ghost box session.  At this point, we received a sinister response.

The word, or name, that I heard was Satan.  I wasn't sure I understood it correctly.  So, I asked the other investigator what they just heard, and sure enough, they heard the same thing.

Things began to get active

Once the ghost box spit out the devil's name, things started to get interesting.  The overall feel and atmosphere the opera house began to change.

We started to hear knocks and footsteps.  Plus, I even saw a chain, that was hanging from the ceiling move on its own without the aide of any drafts and apparent help that I could find.

Do our minds trick us into seeing paranormal activity when we feel scared?

This sudden rise in activity got me thinking.  Do we, as investigators, start to experience activity when we hear something like the name Satan come out of a ghost box?

How do you guys handle or keep your mind in check when feeling creeped out on a location?

What I try and do

I am sure to keep my focus on debunking any activity first.  Approaching investigations in this manner helps me to focus on the task at hand and not jump to the "paranormal" as soon as I experience something.

I want to hear from you!

Let me know what you do to avoid or keep from letting your mind get the best of you during an investigation.

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