Dealing with the Paranormal

Episode #12

Dealing with The Paranormal:  My Conversation with Melissa Cummins from The Haunted Ride

In this episode, Dealing with The Paranormal, I have a great conversation with Melissa Cummins.  She is the host of a new podcast called The Haunted Ride.

I truly enjoyed our conversation because of her passion for the paranormal is ever present in the way she talks about her abilities and the paranormal encounters she has had throughout her life.

Dealing with the paranormal

Dealing with the paranormal, can be stressful because most people don't have anybody they can talk too and help them through whatever ghostly issues they might be having.  Melissa has started her podcast with the goal to help people cope with their paranormal problems.

Melissa is no stranger to the stress that paranormal activity puts on an individual.  In her case, the fact that she is a medium only amplified the situation.  So, Melissa is ideally suited to help and answer any questions people might have.

We covered several topics during our conversation so it will be well worth it to listen to the podcast in its entirety.

Check out her podcast!

She has won me over, and I make it a point to be on the lookout and listen to her weekly podcast.  I believe she uploads her podcast on Mondays.  It was Wednesday, but I'm pretty sure it's been moved to Mondays now.  (Don't hold me to that!!)

Below are links to her social media and her podcast.  So, please show her some love and download her podcast.  Much like my podcast, she wants to share YOUR stories.  If you have an experience you want to share, be sure to get in touch with her.







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