A Conversation with Annie Mick Cole

Episode #13

A Conversation With Annie Mick Cole

In this Episode of Ghosts in The Night, I have a conversation with Annie Mick Cole.

Annie is Blogger who has a paranormal blog called The Ghosts That Know Me.  She shares her personal paranormal stories. The fact that she recently realized she has special abilities when it comes to seeing and interacting with the spirit world.

Annie Mick Cole

Annie's newfound medium abilities make for a fresh new look into her paranormal experiences. Annie started out as a skeptic.  However, her paranormal abilities forced her to rethink the way she viewed things like ghosts and how they interact with the living. 

Our conversation

We discuss a few of her interaction with the spirit world and how they affected and changed her life.  Also, Annie talks about a haunted item a friend gave her.

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