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Ghosts In The Night is a haunting’s and paranormal podcast dedicated to exploring the paranormal and sharing your ghostly experiences. Sharing our experiences will help solve the mystery behind this phenomenon.  If you want to share your paranormal experiences, send us an email at


What is going on everybody, my name is Phil Sams and I’m the host of Ghosts in The Night, haunting’s, and paranormal podcast dedicated to searching for answers about the spirit world and the paranormal.

My fascination with ghosts and the paranormal started a very young age.  Several of the homes that I lived in had some sort of activity in them. This desire to find answers only grew and led me to start a podcast and search for others that have had similar experiences.

Sharing other peoples’ stories is only half the battle.  I needed to go out and search for the paranormal myself to truly get some clarity.  This search led me to join The Cincinnati Ghost Chasers as an investigator.